The stupidity of reparations in 1 image

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Moments later Professor Powers kicked him in the face.

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  1. Again, I demand payment for damages incurred when these people walked off the job.

    Hell, the Irish alone owe my family 3.2 billion…adjusted for inflation ….interest and some piddling closing costs that really add up.

  2. Just another tool for the insane Left to use in their relentless pursuit of hatred, division and the fabrication of problems only they can “solve” with their evil ways.
    Never let a good crisis go to waste.
    Don’t have a good crisis?
    Make one!

  3. Is the professor planning on seeking reparations from the descendants of North African slave traders?

  4. Reparations were paid and those that took them were shipped back to Africa. The descendants of those who stayed need to suck it up or get on a plane with a one-way ticket to Africa.

  5. Why do they never mention getting the money from the blacks in Africa that sold them into slavery to the muslims who sold them to the slave traders who brought them here.

  6. I’ll pay reparations when they remit the costs in property and suffering from their 200 year crime spree across the US. We got a deal?
    The same wanting the reparations now are the same useless swine that have been on the taxpayer sugar tit for generations.

  7. America has been paying her negros reparations for 5 decades now. When will it end? When is it enough? BrObama, (who’s father never immigrated) is typical of modern negros who either immigrated themselves or were immigrated by their parents, post slavery, who are demanding free stuff. They are part and parcel with the modern People of Color movement: If America is so awful and racist, whey did their parents come here? And if that’s the case, they should blame their parents, not me for how awful their situation is.

  8. Powers isn’t outraged by a cracker down on his luck is begging in “his” neighborhood.

    Powers is outraged whitey ain’t slaving in a factory to pay his monthly reparations.

  9. Your rank and file black person would probably accept any financial largess thrown their way, as would a greater number of honkys….. the problem here are the the politicians pushing this ludicrous and blatantly dishonest “promise” on the weak minded in exchange for votes.
    I have an idea! Any politician who is elected based on promises and turns 180 after elected, hangs in the public square. The voters just need to have the will to do it.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  10. Nothing says: “I’m a worthless piece of shit!” better than “reparations.”

    Think about it.

    White maggots who lust for power are stirring up “hepless” negroes to put their hats out for some crumbs – and the size of the “reparations” bill doesn’t really matter cuz the money ALWAYS ends up in the Soros, Clinton, Kerry, Warren, Sanders, O’Cortez, O’Rourke, Waters, Pelosi, et al, bank accounts.

    And the fukkin negroes fall for it every time.
    St. Louis?
    New York?

    Where’s this “Niggrah Utopia” that everybody’s been yakkin bout (for almost 200 years!)?
    Streets paved with gold? No more pain? No more short-handled shovels? Bellies full of caviar and champagne? Free lottery tickets? Hot and cold running Muscatel?

    Dummies falling for the same old shit – but now Bernie and Liz calling it “reparations” – like it’s deserved, or something.

    We rarely get what we “deserve” – and when we do, it ain’t what we hoped.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. From those reparations we subtract reparations for families whose members died freeing the slaves.

  12. Well, all this talk of reparations is working exactly as intended: further separating the country. Good job democrats!

  13. 1. Why should any person arriving in the USA 1866 or later pay any part of the taxes needed for Reparations?
    2. Why should any pre-1860 FREE Southern or Northern State family pay reparations? note there were 4 Union states that owned slaves thru the Civil war.
    3.The false promise of 40 ac and Mule was made by Union General Sherman, NOT congress. But using the illegally made promise, the value was $355.00 in 1865 dollars or about $5,468.89 in 2018.
    4. That would be DIVIDED across every Black American that can PROVE they were offspring of a 1860-1865 slave ancestor. Note that is NOT each, is it a DIVIDED amount across all 2019 living slave offspring per person. So the proven Ancestors of the 1860 3.9 Million Slaves x the 2018 value of the illegal promise of $5,468.89 = $21.3B divided by 37,144,530 “African-American” = $574 per person providing proof of slave Ancestry. But should that be paid if the person is already getting a State and Federal free ride (Welfare) ? Or if the person isn’t at least 75% African-American?
    5. There were over 1/2 Million freed and property owning former slaves BEFORE the Civil war even started. Surprise more free’d living in the South than up North. Why should those related to pre-1860 already Freed slaves collect Reparations?
    6. Why should Union Solider families pay Reparations?
    7. As we know African tribes and Western Muslim controlled areas captured and delivered the slaves to the West African seaports and sold them there. Shouldn’t those tribes and countries involved in the initial capture and transportation pay 3/4’s of the costs?
    8. What about the 23,000+++ Freed slaves that owned slaves? Shouldn’t they pay Reparations also?
    9. Since less than 45 of the population owned slaves should we focus that 4% only?

    A lot of WHY’s need to be addressed

  14. If you can prove you were a slave – you should get “reparations” from someone who you can prove was a slaveholder.

    The ONLY fair method. PERIOD.

    Don’t like it?

    Come to think of it- FUCK OFF, EAT SHIT, and DIE – anyway – whether you like it or not.

    izlamo delenda est …


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