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I just thought I should mention that these other articles were published very recently:

“Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime” in The New York Times

“Is Incest Wrong?” in Big Think

“Is Necrophilia Wrong?” in Big Think

“‘Genetic sexual attraction is normal, and very real’: A woman describes the reality of parent-child incest in Salon

“It’s time to reconsider how we treat pedophiles” in The Daily Dot

“5 Ways We Misunderstand Pedophilia (That Makes it Worse)” in Cracked

Now, on to the feminist blog, Vice, who is condoning bestiality.


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  1. I seem to remember Ann Barnhardt saying that normalizing insanity like this was going to come swiftly.

    I think this is another one of her “toldya” moments.

  2. Well, I slogged through the article, skipping massive amounts of print on my way to the end of the article. Must be very late or something for me to do this. However, I could’ve just as easily determined where this was going without having to read it:

    It is a sick world in which we live and getting sicker all the time thanks to the ‘progressives’ and their twisted perverted view on what is ‘normal’ to them.

    And no wonder.

    As long as we continue to go down the road away from the love of the God of creation and slither our way to ‘loving’ the creation, this isn’t going to end very well at all. Romans chapter one is a great place to start.

  3. Oh, but the biblical proscriptions for moral behavior are, or were, the basis for right and wrong in Western culture and our own society for centuries. What else do you use to determine right or wrong? Who makes that determination … God or Man?

    If God, then those laws are eternal and immutable.

    If Man, then – bar the doors and drop your drawers Katie – anything goes at any time. And that is exactly what we are seeing now.

  4. To think back how some people scuffed at me saying “the whole movement, since it’s beginning, has been about have sex with children.”

    I dislike being right now-a-days …

  5. With the (possible) exception of necro,
    isn’t it a COINCIDENCE that ALL of these
    are in line with muzzie “culture” [sic]?!?

  6. NOPE, not at all. It’s only about letting the homosexual partners into the hospital rooms when they’re ill.
    That is all.

  7. Be sure to save the culture, except for that damn marriage bullshit. Fuck that… and the pedo, and the besto, and the polygamy, and the legal drugs, and the..

    Cuz nothing will go wrong when the majority accepts “man-given” rights and shits on God-given rights…

  8. We’re seeing history repeat. ALL these things we’re taking place 1000’s of years ago. Gods’ Word throws the Net ( to free, not to enslave!) but it’s up to man to grab hold of it. If history ( His Story) is a great compass, we can expect to see things get much much worse. This crapola is based in the jewish Talmud. Not. Of. God.

  9. I am inspired to write my own articles

    Butt sex with a Car, Where’s the downside?
    Sex with Monkeys, Is this Evolution’s next step?
    Masturbating at work, what are my Rights?
    Children and the awfully unfair pornography Pay Scale
    Sex and Alzheimer’s Patients; what they don’t remember won’t hurt ’em
    Sex with Mom is Deviant? Says Who? Dad?
    Fetus’s, Mankind’s future protein source?

  10. There was a time when I thought, who could possibly think what is good is wrong and what is evil is good? But now I live in those times and it shocks me. I pray for my grandchildren.

  11. while this is all the to often repeated natural progression of a society of fallen men who have denied God, it pains me to know that it all must come to pass before Christ comes back to set things right again.

    I am afraid we will have to witness all this evil before we get to see the glory. sort of like Christ suffering during his passion before his death and resurrection.

  12. Feminists endorsing bestiality. Hell, that surprises me not in the least. If you’re fat, ugly, angry, an annoying SJW and always offended, you sure can’t stoop low enough to let a MAN near you!

    Once gheyyy marriage went “legal” the whole camel herd was officially inside the tent, stealing our bedrolls and eating our MREs.

  13. Oh yes, Ann is the only person with brains and the only person who possibly could have made this correlation. The brown nosing is repulsive.

  14. Let’s see, the necrophila article ends up comming down against it as wrong, the bible approved of incestuous relationships and ignores the evidence here:, the pedophilia articles also say that “we need to end the stigma against pedophiles in order to better treat them and protect children (if you had read them we would note that little detail) Facing Disturbing Truths About Pedophilia Could Help Us Keep Kids Safer is what they say not sex with kids…and most pedophiles don’t offend and most child molestors don’t fit that definition irregardless.

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