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  1. Oh F me. Obamanomics has stopped the entire economy. Including little pink houses for you and me. Is this guy this stupid, or is it by design? I’m going with by design. I also firmly believe he is hoping his Presidency end abruptly. Think about it. He’d be a martyr for ever.

  2. Half of the people are too busy working and taking care of their family to take a vacation, and the other half are on a continuous vacation thanks to the working half.

  3. @ Moe Tom

    Hah, magazines in waiting rooms.

    It’s like opening a Time capsule and seeing what they printed years ago…

  4. This is The Obama Doctrine (Limbaugh): destroy an American institution, value, economy, indeed the Republic itself, then blame someone else like you had no hand in it.

    Really an amazing commie strategy.

  5. The 2010 cover subtitle is so ridiculous. “Downtime is causing our children to fall behind..”

    What a joke. I’m so sick of hearing about how important “education” is. Kids are spending half their life in schools when they could be earning a living rather than racking up debt and learning useless crap.

    People need to learn to read, write, do some basic math, some history and where our country came from. After that, hopefully they continue to read and learn the rest of their lives on their own. If not, at least they have the basics and they don’t need to waste their time/money on things that aren’t useful for life.

    Does a plumber need to take chemistry? Does a real estate agent need to know calculus? Does a doctor need to take English Lit 3?

  6. Timeless disinformation, try looking into the Wreckers that Solzhenietzen wrote about – incremental tax increases and incremental increases in restrictive rules and laws.

  7. With TIME’s circulation waning, I imagine the editorial staff turnover to be pretty frequent. Otherwise they would have caught their hypocrisy.

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