This is what you get from the “Look at MEEEEEEEEEEEE” generation

It’s not enough to simply enter a room as a newly married couple, you must do stupid sh*t as well.

There’s always an a-hole who will exploit, and ultimately ruin, a special moment in life in a desperate effort to “stand out from the crowd.”

Enjoy your brain-damaged bride.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.39.29 PM

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  1. Did you catch the names in the introduction?
    Did I hear Mohammed? ( He must be a Mennonite from OH.)

  2. Absophuckinlutely….. Asshole stupid. He may be wankin’ for a while unless he damaged his wrists.

    I doubt if this marriage will last very long but if it does that dumb SOB will be reminded of his stupid antics for the rest of his life.

    I’m occasionally reminded of things I “allegedly” did fifty years ago. And believe me I don’t even remember that far back.

    Life’s a bitch, specially when you’re stupid.

  3. Like the sensation of feeling in toes and fingers, shame and propriety are among the first things to go as a society dies, and almost never return.

  4. I hope they neutered more than their pets. With any luck, he permanently ruptured his scrotolium. That’s a scientific name for cods.

  5. Did you see the SIZE of her?….that’s the only way he could keep her away from the pride king….

  6. I’m surprised he didn’t have a GoPro camera on his head and a selfie stick in his cumberbun to truly capture the moment.

    Maybe they’ll win the Grand Prize on America’s Funniest Home Videos to pay for her medical care.

  7. I watched the next up video after the wreck one, the groom sings to the bride and the wedding party joins in as a flash mob. If you want to see something charming after these two dufuses watch it.

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