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Charlie Hebdo Surrenders

In an interview with the German magazine Stern, one of the surviving cartoonist for the French satirical, Charlie Hebdo, announced that they will no longer draw Muhammad.

Laurent Sourisseau declares, “we’ve done our job. We have defended the right to caricature.”


I’m sure the French Army felt much the same way by mid-June 1940.

16 Comments on Charlie Hebdo Surrenders

  1. Then what was the whole point? If you’re going to give in, they’ve won.
    At least have the balls to stick up for what you believe in once you’ve made a stand.

  2. Do they think they aren’t still a target for home grown French jihadi’s? This capitulation will only encourage them to try to finish them off.

  3. So one of the only organization (people) in the world to stand up to Islam on a continuing basis, living under constant threat and in fear for their life the whole time……….is now somehow a coward. Go ahead all you hero’s take his place lets see how long you last.

  4. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, you surrendered. Well I guess I could say, you got what you were asking for. You had a chance to LEAD, now piss off into obscurity.

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