This Summer’s Hollywood Stinkers

Every year movie fanatics celebrate the box office winner for the summer season, projecting which franchise or genre will be a future winner. The flops on the other hand, are a warning of what movie goers have grown weary of avoiding at their local Cineplex. Here


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  1. gee, can’t for the life of me figure how I managed to miss each & every one of these stupendous blockbusters

    maybe it might be because I haven’t gone to a movie since, I think … ‘Dunkirk’ … no, wait … my bad, I saw that on cable

  2. …well, gee, who isn’t looking forward to the next classic movie that gets remade with.a gay, black, trans, illegal alien female character and forgets the entire original story so it can preach at us for 2 hours about how GREAT gay, black, trans, illegal alien females are…

    …said no one ever…

  3. I used to be a musician.
    I was a guitar player in one of them ‘Modern’ bands.
    It must have been a tad too loud back in the day because I don’t go to excessively loud events anymore. I saw Uncle Ted Nugent a few years back and even with my new fancy frequency differentiating ear plugs, after twenty minutes I was ready to go home
    So I avoid the movie theaters as well.
    I could give a shit what the new movies are.
    OK I also avoid the movie theaters because no one shuts the fuck up any more, they text each other incessantly and are generally pigs to be around.

  4. I haven’t seen the inside of a movie theatre for 35 years and don’t plan to ever visit one again. I refuse to give money to people I despise. My friends think I live in a cave when they talk about movies or television shows I’ve never heard of.

  5. @SuperNightShade Have you watched StarTrek Discovery on CBS Access? Good grief, it’s a chore! Every character ticks a SJW box. I’m surprised I’ve seen as much of as I have with my eyes rolling into the back of my head. I should have read the reviews on IMDB first…!

  6. Cave Mans, I live four hours from the nearest movie theater and can guarantee that nothing Hollywood produces is worth driving four hours to see.

  7. We went to “Angel Has Fallen” and it was awesome.
    Next we’ll go see “Overcomer”. I was rather shocked that there were actually movies I was interested in.
    Nothing else shows imagination or talent. It’s all junk.
    The ads before the movie starts have all gotten woke though. That was annoying.

  8. I go to the movie theater for the food!!!

    Yup, nowhere else you can go can you have the honor of paying $20 for a handful of frozen (supposedly) chicken nuggets, $8 for a soda, $5 for some candy, and then double it so your date can have something to throw up later too…. after paying $10 per ticket you are at nearly at $100, but hey, at least you do NOT have to tip anyone like at a real restaurant and the actors cannot throw things at you or kick you out for being a trump supporter….LOL

  9. Hey Rambo XXVII is about to come out! Stallone is looking mighty old and really rough – he has a pretty mean looking motorized wheelchair I wouldn’t mind having (;>).

    It’s called Rambo: Last Blood but should be called Rambo: Anemic blood.

  10. We usually wait until they get on Apple TV iTunes or take advantage of a free preview weekend of HBO.
    Mostly, we watch the free movies on TCM on demand and MoviePlex on demand. Yesterday I watched Pappillon.
    Most of the good old classic movies are out there to watch for free.

  11. The last movie I paid to see was Cocoon and only because my 98 year old grandfather was cast in it. The last movie we saw was the Perfect Storm and only because we had free tickets (Geo Clooney was bearable in it). Brown Eyed Girl, I feel the same way and I live only 4 minutes from the nearest theater.

  12. Only films I watch are the old black and white, free ones on youtube, no cable TV, no rabbit ears, no channel selector required. The movies today are now designed for people I don’t/won’t/can’t relate to, with actors and directors who’s names I can’t begin to pronounce. They are loaded with hidden subliminal messages I don’t need, want and are too obvious.

  13. Illustr8r
    AUGUST 26, 2019 AT 2:34 AM
    “@SuperNightShade Have you watched StarTrek Discovery on CBS Access?”

    CBS: “Hey, did you know our new Star Trek has a Black, Female captain? You should watch because our new Star Trek has a Female captain who is Black! See, Black AND Female! It’s SO great when you have a Black Woman as the Captain in Star Trek, isn’t it? And did we mention that she’s Black AND female? Because our NEW Captain is Female AND Black!! What about the SHOW? Well, it has a Black, Female captain, isn’t that GREAT?!?”


  14. I went to see “Yesterday” which was excellent and fun (loved the parents of the main character – they were great!). I am looking forward to seeing the movie “Downton Abbey”, even willing to pay full senior’s price. It will be well worth it!

  15. I enjoy watching films, but haven’t been to the theater since Saving Private Ryan. Most of the stuff I watch is from the Criterion Collection. Lately, its been a lot of foreign, 50s noir and silent films.

    I loathe Hollywood and have for years, and even more so since they all are a bunch of lemmings out to vilify Trump. It makes think though, how many are closet republicans that are too afraid they will lose roles if they show their true colors?

  16. Half the list is just remakes. Our local theater now is promoting dates where they will play original older movies. Makes way more sense than paying millions to remake a movie that doesn’t need to be redone and will never be as good as the original.

  17. Big part of the reason:

    The Kitchen

    “It has been a tough, brutal summer for Warner Brothers, and this was one of the company’s lesser problems. Featuring an impressive cast that includes Mellissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Moss, and Tiffany Haddish…”.

    Uh….”impressive cast”. I’ve heard of only one of these broads (McCarthy), and I’m not too impressed with her. These broads should have learned to code, or gone to Hairdressing School to learn a good trade.

    Hollywood is 80 years in the past. There are no real stars to look up to anymore, like Gable, Bogart, or Monroe. It’s dead and done as of 2019.

  18. @Super

    Star Trek has a Black, Female captain?

    Sorry, if she isn’t a lesbian or a tranny, I’m not going to spend my money seeing it. I’m not going to support white supremacy and hate and Trump and hate and conservatism and hate and Christian bigotry and more hate.


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