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Those Deplorable Russian Hackers


The People’s Cube:

In the meantime, president-elect Donald Trump continued his post-election thank-you tour throughout the country, expressing gratitude to Russian hackers everywhere who helped him get to the White House. After making a stop in Cincinnati, Ohio, known for its thriving Russian hacking community, Trump went to Iowa, Michigan, and other predominantly Russian states whose hackers were vital to his win.


I wish I could write fake news as good as this piece.

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  1. It’s even worse than that. ‘Ivanka’ sounds sort of like a Russian name, so we can only conclude that she is a Russian spy inside Trump’s own family!

    Ivanka is married to a Jewish dude, and there are some Jews in Russia – which totally confirms it. He might even be a hacker.

    Seriously, though, I wonder how long it will take the NY Times to move on to anti-Trump numerology on their front page, maybe with some space aliens kidnapping people thrown in for good measure?

  2. Local CBS station had a clip of Trump telling Russians to find those 33000 missing emails – a comment based upon Hillary having deleted those emails and our government not being able to obtain them.
    Of course, if you are the lamestream media and have no sense of humor, this is proof positive that he directed the alleged hacking.

  3. Just Wait-A-Holdit here. Who´s hacking who here?
 Hillary is still friggin with the riggin by having her Hollyweird minions tell the Electors to be “Heroes” and vote against Trump! The way I see it this is plain and simple, out-in-the-open attempt at the subversion of our election process on display for everyone to see! If these Leftist collaborators had their way the entire United States would be ruled by a few, select, populous, left-wing counties that amount to little more than voter farms where democRats feed and care for their precious, dumbed-down cattle while getting it all paid for by the hard-working over taxed-payer in fly-over country!
 This campaign to subvert the Electoral College has “Sedition” written all over it!
    Once again, who the fuck is hacking who here!!

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