Three Reasons To Dump Drudge (and to use instead!)

Don Surber says-

Conservatives are now writing publicly what they had been saying privately: Matt Drudge has sold out.

The latest to go public is Blaine Traber, who wrote, “Three reasons the Drudge Report is awful.”

  1. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not conservative
  2. They love mainstream media sources
  3. The site is quietly becoming anti-Trump

Traber is correct. What a sad, sad end to a promising web site.


I’ll add another reason to dump Drudge. He is a THIEF who gives ZERO attribution to artists. Over the years he’s stolen at least five of my creations and “accidentally” cut off our web address on the art.

The mot egregious “error” was during Obama’s government shutdown where he pettily closed memorials to get back at the public.

We created a piece that was hilariously fact-checked on Snopes after it appeared on Drudge. Notice that the art was cropped to excise out our website address.

When Drudge finally attributed the art, he attributed a site other than ours.

He makes Glenn Beck’s theft look like petty larceny.


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  1. I quit Drudge years ago when they installed the refresh-the-adds-and-take-me-back-to-the-top-of-the-page feature. It’s frustrating as hell. Unfortunately Dr. Reynolds at Instapundit has adopted it now.

  2. Haven’t been to Drudge since 2015, I believe.
    By the way, I think Drudge bought The Hollywood Reporter or they bought him. For about a month, I kept seeing THR logo on his site url, same as on the hollywood reporter’s url.
    He loves hollywood crap, he loves the gossip and the clickbait stuff, so that’s where his mindset is.
    Same as michael medved.
    For some, emotion trumps logic. Oh well.

  3. Drudge seemed to be very pro-Trump during the ’16 primaries and GE, then almost immediately started posting all the Democrat media’s junk on the day of inauguration. Haven’t been to his site since then. I think the only reason he faked Trump support was because you’d have been a fool not to if you were in need of eyeballs during the campaign. Trump was the hottest ticket. Drudge will probably reprise his fairweather friendly stories as the race gets down the road.

  4. I go to Whatfinget because they have a link to here. I haven’t been to Drudge in a long time. It was obvious he sold his soul years ago.

  5. Dittos here. Drudge Report has become LSM Report. As if FL doesn’t provide enough weeding to last a lifetime, we also have to weed the online. Thankfully there are many newer choices available to choke out the media weeds. Amen for them!

  6. Years ago Rush had a piece in his newsletter about how Drudge was not conservative and actually leaned a bit to the left overall using MSM pieces. I look at the headlines a few times a week just to see what they are saying. None of it is very uplifting, he seems to be catering to the dystopian left. No thanks. And frankly I’m not sure how much of it is even grounded in reality.

  7. Whatfinger content is good yet it is a visual disaster, I just can’t bring myself to spend much time there and I’m sure it affects many others that way – it will never take off until it is easier to view.
    Please lose the agonizing Reuters crawl and hideous disjointed overall visual picture immediately and get someone who understands CX – a simple revamp and the site would be far more appealing. Not expensive, a 1 time fix and occasional tweaks thereafter.

  8. Haven’t been to Drudge for a few years. On Twitter, I will not re-tweet anything with a link to them. He is not even a CINO (Conservative In Name Only) anymore. Jerk.

    Also, there is one person’s website I will not visit since he stole one of Fur’s creations and cropped off the website. When Fur asked him to repost it with the link, he refused. You don’t do that to our BigFurHat. I do not forget. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  9. Turned Drudge on and off for years, finally gave up for good. Gave up on What finger for different reasons; Format is a disaster, reminds me of someone on speed who’s all over the map, site is way too busy, organizational mess.

  10. Years ago when Drudge’s Never Trumper side became obvious, I hit the DELETE button on his app like a labrat hittin’ the food-pellet bar

  11. @Otodo June 18, 2019 at 11:38 am
    “Whatfinger content is good yet it is a visual disaster, I just can’t bring myself to spend much time there and I’m sure it affects many others that way”
    SAME here. Visually exhausting.

  12. Drudge was always too enamoured with hollywood. Now, his site seems like a disaster movie. So sensationalist and negative, and pulpish.

  13. I quit drudge when the queer NFL player was in the news. I clicked on his site one day and there was a pic of the player kissing his boy friend and another revolting pic of some other faggery. Sheesh!….If I wanted to watch gay porn I would have turned on Netflix .

  14. The links on Drudge often take you to some Yahoo News site or another liberal source just for a specific tone to the story. It’s kinda like Fox News hating on us with the hiring of leftists like Donna Brazile et al.

  15. Whatfinger could become what Drudge used to be, but the layout does look like a lazy designer just didn’t give a crap.

  16. Alright BFH, it’s unanimous (well almost unanimous). Design a better flowing site for WhatFinger because it’s giving us agita. You’ll be famous! Wait, you’re already famous. Rich! Yeah, rich.

    BTW, stealing those images was a pretty shitty thing to do.

  17. I dropped him like a bad habit some time back. He hasn’t just drifted toward an anti Trump leaning he’s gone full throttle.
    Money has purchased what little integrity he possessed.

  18. LIberty Daily writes their own headlines to the links. Often with horrendous spelling and nowhere near the actual article’s headline.

    Couple of months back I had to call them out for a headline about Venezuela that read: “Venezuelans eat garbage out of Trumptruck.”

    FFS, is Miss Jean’s Romper Room class writing these?

  19. Dropped the Drudge and went to Whatfinger long ago. That’s how I found IOTW. Agree about what Whatfinger should do about the visuals (especially dump the annoying crawl line!).

  20. I have to join the pig-pile of Whatfinger. The site is virtually unusable due to the formatting. Each column has a different format and there are multiple instances of the same link. The source and the”click here” links are bold, but the headline that describes the content isn’t, so you can’t easily scroll through to find the content you want to follow…

    It’s an unmitigated disaster. I don’t like Drudge at all, but Whatfinger is impossible to use in a convenient manner. I wish it was better. I want to like it.

  21. It did seem to me that Drudge was becoming too crass lately. Thanks for the warning. I took it out of my Favorites Folder.

  22. If whatfinger can discover how to add RSS feeds to their site, I will consider them, otherwise, I will not read any website that has no RSS feeds.
    It is very easy to do that, and they should join the 21 century.


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