Time Mag contributes to President Trump’s re-election effort

American Thinker:

We live in a remarkable historical moment, in which Trump Derangement Syndrome has driven a large share of the Progressive Left mad. As in a psychotic state, in which reality has been superseded by a fantasy world that seems quite real to them, but which is delusional.  In that fantasy realm, everyone agrees with their deranged notions that, for instance, President Trump is a Nazi sympathizer (whose favorite child converted to Judaism), that the world will end in 12 years unless the government takes over the economy, and that everyone else in the world – all 6 or 7 billion of them –has a right to come to the United States and enjoy free health care courtesy of American taxpayers.

As Brandon Straka, founder of the #Walkaway movement, noticed, Time Magazine is mired in delusion, publishing this magazine cover:

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  1. Where are the tattooed goblins of MS-13? Where is the fat beast who complained about the food at detention centers? I have a feeling they’ll be making their appearance on the cover soon lol

  2. Then we should just go and take over Mexico and Central America and officially make the people there Americans.

    Oh, but just going in and overrunning another country would be imperialistic.

  3. Where’s the cover? Clicky linky, goes to AT article (which is good in itself), but no Time cover. (I wanna post it on FB hehehehe)

  4. The biggest delusion is that the government has money of its own. All that money American workers put (and keep putting) into social security and other programs is going to foreigner’s free stuff. You can’t have open boarders and social programs. How many hours a day are we supposed to work as slaves to illegal aliens?

  5. These human scum don’t need to share American history, culture, pride or values. They didn’t need to have 15% if their pay confiscated all of their working lives to receive the payout. They have contributed zero to the system.

    I’m supposed to accept their hands in my wallet. And like it.

    The democrats have finally crossed a line that even their old time base wont swallow. Well played, democrats. This should turn out nicely for you.

  6. Actually, it is fun to give away other people’s money while you get the credit…..how convenient, if you’re a phucking shameless liberal.

  7. These are the descendants of the Mayans and Aztecs.
    They used to slaughter millions, by hand.
    One holiday they did 40K in three weeks.
    I don’t want their issue here, because they will return to their sacrificing ways if given the chance

  8. I think if the Gov of California were to be arrested for Treason and the Feds take over control of that state our country would improve greatly.

  9. Trump really needs to explain what all of this will do to all taxes, while a lot of these illegals will participate in a tax free underground economy

  10. That cover is from June 2012, yet the article implies (to me, anyway) that it is a current one. That’s skating dangerously close to being fake news.


  11. If you are not a citizen then you are not yet an American. My mom worked very hard to EARN the right to call herself an American, and so should every other foreigner who wants to be here.

  12. North America, Central America, South America. All American.

    We are citizens of the UNITED STATES of America.


  13. Rush L was correct on FNC one morning last week when he said the democrat left wants to do away with national borders, and replace citizenship with ” residency ” .


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