Time To Start Killing White People

One “woke” idiot says that cops kill thousands of unarmed black people a year.

Go back to sleep hon… your government benjamins will bing your account on Thursday.

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  1. ~13-to-17% of total population, depending on which source you use. I think the odds are not in your favor, asshole. Between the whites and the asians, I think we can handle the blacks just fine. Even better if we can get the hispanics on our side, too, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

  2. One “woke” idiot says that cops kill thousands of unarmed black people a year.

    He didn’t dare correct them on the spot with the real number.

    Which was 9 last year.

  3. The black community is murder inc.
    They kill eight and a half more whites than whites killing blacks.

    Something needs to be done about blacks.

  4. Blacks and other minorities need to be told that Margaret Sanger considered them to be human weeds. And that planned barrenhood in the ghettos are where your women go to abort their unborn children both willingly and unwillingly. And dumbass liberal white chicks as well.

  5. I’m so old I remember when stupid people got ridiculed for stupid ideas.

    Now if whitey dares open [insert all genders here to meet progressive inclusivity requirements] mouth it’s off to the gulag.

    clown world (and it’s only gonna get worse)

  6. Charles Manson, a very misunderstood man, would be telling us “I told you so” were he still with us.

    “Blackie never did anything without whitey showin’ him how. It looks like we’re gonna have to show blackie how to do it.” ~ Charles Manson

  7. the msm and public schools have done their job.

    divide and conquer.

    if only we could divide the professional politicians from our elected offices.

  8. So, we’re apparently in the midst of a “modern day” Isandlwana. When do we get to Rorke’s Drift? Brad, maybe you could start making good replicas of Martini Henrys and maybe even some new 577/450 ammo. Hell, I’d buy one, just for the History…

  9. Probably should have added that our current “leadership” very closely resembles that of the Brits at Isandlwana.

  10. The ONLY country outside of Africa that is so welcoming to blacks is America.
    Yet the ingrates shit on this country.

  11. Yes, You believe you can just walk up and kill and Cracker you want and nothing will happen. And you might once. But when the gloves come off and the Law Abiding say “To hell with the Law!” and start fighting back, you will have a much bigger problem than racism or ‘The Man’. You new problem will be EXTINCTION. You are outnumbered, out maneuvered, and out gunned. The BS that will cause it is already happening.

  12. Someone remind these fat, stupid bitches that genocide is hard work, and they clearly aren’t up for it.

  13. Come on over…I’ll give you my address. The most difficult part is picking out what I’d want to use to inflict the damage…so much to choose from.

  14. Take 44 West out of St. Louis.
    Take 5 South out of Lebanon.
    Keep going till you get to the Plastics Factory 8 miles North of Gainesville.
    Take a left.
    Driveway a mile on your right.

    Come on Down! Bring enough gun. Honk the horn and make a lot of chimp noises. Play some [c]rap real loud. One old, fucked up, fat, slow whitey – easy pickins.

    izlamo delenda est …


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