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Tonight’s Unsoothiness

The 9 minute ordeal of a woman simply trying to navigate her way off her property. It is slow and painful and frustrating.

I can’t help but think there’s a guy who gets yelled out daily for buying the house with a telephone pole in the middle of the driveway.

The guy who videoed this said she’s been living there 6 months. Still, the pole is her nemesis. (I watched this in sped up mode. Hover your mouse at the bottom of the frame. You’ll see a gear icon. Click that and choose speed. Use “2” at the bottom. Or, if you’re a sadist, slow it down by picking a speed towards the top.)

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  1. Anybody that can’t drive any better than that shouldn’t be on the road endangering everyone else. The house has 2 separate garage doors with part of a wall in between the doors and the power pole is in the center of the driveway which overlaps on either side of the garage doors by a good bit. Any decent driver could easily navigate the situation successfully – just drive straight in and back straight out.

    Her problem is that she just doesn’t know how to drive and apparently has no concept of using rear view mirrors for backing up.

  2. That’s a lot like watching Obama’s presidency.

    Except what he does is very dangerous to America and rest of the world. The driver is just incompetent. What Obama doesn’t destroy due to incompetence he destroys on purpose.

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