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I’m Sure the Gun the Thug Had Was Registered and He Was an NRA Member in Good Standing

(NEWSER) – A group of five men raped a teenager one-at-a-time in a Brooklyn playground on Thursday night after ordering her father to flee at gunpoint, police say. The 18-year-old survivor, unnamed in media reports, was with her dad in Osborn Playground at about 11:15pm when the suspects allegedly came up, the New York Daily Newsreports. One of the men is said to have drawn a gun in the Brownsville facility and given the father a simple order: “Get the f— out of here.” The father then fled to call 911, and when he came back with two cops, the suspects ran in all directions.

Rape suspects seen in a Brooklyn bodega before an 18-year-old woman was attacked in Osborn Playground on Thursday.

The survivor received treatment at Kings County Hospital, but the suspects all escaped. Now police are seeking help by releasing video of five black, male suspects in a nearby bodega before the assault, Reuters reports. They’re wearing light jackets, hoodies, and can be seen smiling and laughing, the New York Times notes. Now nearby residents are taking a second look at Osborn Playground, which includes climbing equipment and is normally used by middle-school kids during the day. “I have to keep an eye out,” says a 52-year-old who adds that her 16-year-old daughter is no longer allowed in the playground. “To me, I thought this was safe.”

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  1. excuse me dad, but you’re a fucking idiot taking your 18 year old daughter to a brooklyn park after 2300 without being armed to the teeth

  2. Yes it is. But you can’t carry there so me or my family wouldn’t have been there. I don’t go where my guns not welcome.

  3. 0bama to Drama Queen says, “We need more common sense gun laws.”

    Why do we? Around 90-percent of robbers, rapists and murderers, who use an illegal gun, are never prosecuted under EXISTING federal gun laws. In Sh!tcago and other big cities, they often plead to lesser charges due to lack of evidence (don’t nobody wanna snitch!). However, if you have an illegal weapon, that’s pretty cut and dried. So, why don’t they pursue the 12-25 in federal lock-up for the GUN crime?

    I think we all know.

  4. In NYC, the mere possession of a hi-capacity magazine – an assembly of stamped metal, springs and a couple of fasteners – turns the most law-abiding among us into an instant felon. Hell, in DC, that same magazine, a single bullet or even an empty shell casing has the same effect. Yet, criminals remain unphased.

  5. We have the same problem in Cali. That’s why I carry a full sized 1911 frame with two mags. 9 plus 16 equal I can probably get the job done. But in all honestly no matter where I lived, that’s what I would carry. I guess I’m getting old but slam 1911’s all you want. But then meet me at the range with your Tupperware.

  6. Brad I disagree on that move.
    So your daughter gets to see you die and then gets raped.
    Going to get help is all he could do. If he had no gun.
    I assume they shot the girl after the rape.

    I’m armed all the time and I would have left too. Of course I would have come
    Right back and shot as many as I could.

    When I was younger my friends and I would have intentionally went to the park just to see if we could get some thugs to smart mouth us.

    I assume some vigilantly will try this.

  7. walking unarmed in a large city full of “poor” people is not very smart.

    I mean “poor” as in poorly raised. poorly spiritually educated, poorly mannered.

    too bad these youth’s were unafraid of the father. like they knew he was unarmed and could get away with their raping.
    almost as sad as being unafraid of God the father’s retribution at life’s end.

    I would have rather been shot by the father than face God’s wrath in the end. you can recover from a gunshot wound, not so with God’s judgment. the father would have been doing them a favor if he had been armed.

  8. Feral ghetto rats gonna be feral ghetto rats.

    Real people should NEVER be in the proximity of feral ghetto rats.

    “If you swim in the septic tank, you’re gonna smell like shit.”

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