Trail Cam Confidential – IOTW Report

Trail Cam Confidential


The Gardner, Kansas police department set up a game camera in a local park to see if indeed a mountain lion had taken up residence. What they recorded was more than they bargained for.


12 Comments on Trail Cam Confidential

  1. Oh look, it’s Mooshell’s impersonation of Al Jolson

  2. LOL, trolling the cops in a fun a creative way!

  3. I heard they had so much fun trolling the cops they tried to do it again the next night. Unfortunately one of them was mauled by a Mountain Lion.

  4. Ooh! I wish I’d been in on that! Whatever weird costume I’d find myself wearing, on the back it would say “Get CA$H for GOLD at Uncle Al’s Pawn Shop”

  5. btw; What happened to all the clown “sightings?

  6. Ignore at your own peril. There is a reason exorcisms are at a record high.

    Hard to say whether BHO’s demon will be looking for a new host. To be safe, stay far away from DC.

  7. Moochie does NOT miss any meals, in fact she has at least 6 a day.

  8. Bongopoofter, the election is over and the libs lost

  9. The clowns dissappeared with allred and her girls. Hope they’re practicing their show for next election 🙂

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