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Wikileaks turns its attention to Angela Merkel

ExpressUK- A 90GB cache containing almost 2,500 top-secret documents, now made public by the whistleblowing website, sheds light on the murky relationship between Germany’s Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) and America’s National Security Agency (NSA).

Amongst them are administrative documents, correspondence, agreements and press reactions, WikiLeaks said.

The leaked files were submitted to a German parliamentary inquiry into the surveillance activities of the BND foreign intelligence agency and its US counterpart last year.

WikiLeaks said its revelations of NSA spying on Angela Merkel and other top German, French and EU officials helped bring about the inquiry.

Commenting on the latest release of classified papers, Assange claimed they could derail Germany’s ascendancy within the EU.

He said: “This substantial body of evidence proves that the inquiry has been using documents from Mr [Edward] Snowden and yet it has been too cowardly to permit him to testify.

“Germany can not take a leadership role within the EU if it’s own parliamentary processes are subservient to the wishes of a non EU state.”  read more

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  1. Another Hillary going down. Oh glorious day!

  2. Watch Merkie hire Hussein as a “advisor” since they think so much alike…He will take the job, as there are some German Gay Bathhouses he has yet to troll. If he does, he can surrender and forfeit his Secret Service protection. We don’t do overseas permanently tricks.

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    Dump this Commie Bitch now!
    Drop her like the hot, smoldering, no-good, Kommie Klinker that she really is!

  4. That dried up old childless dyke, what did it ever care for the future of Germany? No more than oblowme cared for America.

  5. “[C]ould derail Germany’s ascendancy within the EU”?

    When you’re the only one left at the party, how can you not be in charge?

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