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Truck Swerves Off Road Toward Anti-Abortionists, Police Don’t Care


The group of pro-lifers had gathered outside A Preferred Women’s Health Center abortion facility. A Hand of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center, operating as Your Choice Pregnancy Clinic, is adjacent to the abortion facility. The pro-lifers were in front of the abortion facility when the Ford Escape veered towards them.

“The driver swerved far enough off the road to bottom out on the edge of the pavement, leaving visible scrape marks. The sound was loud enough that the clinic security came out to make sure everything was okay.”

According to the Raleigh PD, “The incident was investigated and there were no charges filed.”

“It’s unclear what the investigation involved. We provided the tag number in the initial call to the police and the officer on scene never asked for that, or the make and model of the vehicle (which we had). Despite physical evidence on the scene (tire marks and scrapes on the pavement), several eyewitnesses, and the clear danger presented to several people — including several young children — when the vehicle lost control before swerving back on the road, there seemed to be little interest from Raleigh police to even question the driver. Since they had his tag number, that would be a real possibility.”


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  1. “The incident was investigated and there were no charges filed.”

    Meaning: We saw that it was an assault on pro-life people so we decided not to take any action. If it had been against pro-abortion people, we would have called in the FBI and Nancy Pelosi would be calling for Congressional hearings.

  2. “The law is a ass!”

    We cannot expect the paid minions of the State to protect the unpaid minions – their energies are spent in the protection of the State and its minions.

    Remember – the GESTAPO was populated with the rank and file of Law Enforcement.
    (you could look it up)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. If these azzholes have no problem killing tiny unborn babies, what chance do the rest of us have?

  4. In the spectrum of evil, the pro-abortionists are off the charts now. It’s not enough for them that they want to kill their own children, they now want any pregnant woman to have no other option but to kill hers too. There is no other explanation for their attacks on organizations who offer help and support to women who may have an unplanned pregnancy and really need that support.

    These are certainly times of great testing for Christians and we must stand up to evil.

  5. Most of the pro aborts that I’ve ever been around are the most vile, foul mouthed, despicable, hate filled zealots for the unbridled killing of innocent unborn children at any cost. It is extremely hard for me not to hate these bastards without God being there with me to forgive them. I can’t do it in my own flesh, but God can forgive them even if I can’t. One of my prolife friends was once in a debate about abortion with the militant feminist Molly Yard, he told me that he could see and feel the hate emanating from her with her every word.

  6. “failing to report it”
    They don’t want examples of good fighting evil.

    When it comes to gun control, it’s all about “the children”.
    When it come to abortion, they can’t kill “the children” fast enough.

  7. Bet the po-po would have investigated quick enough if one of the pro-lifers had shot the car in self defense.
    Investigated the pro-lifer, that is.

  8. Or maybe the po-po would investigate if the driver later turned up dead. Nah. Just another “useful tool” that failed his assignment.

  9. If a state, or nation, has laws it will not enforce for political reasons, it mocks both the law and politics, to say nothing of the cultural order.
    -Cal Thomas

    It goes further. The legitimacy of monopoly on law enforcement and dispensation of justice demands a good faith effort to ensure that justice is done. Without that the State forfeits any semblance of legitimacy.

    Taking the law into one’s own hands loses any legitimate reason to be considered a violation of the social compact. The fact of the matter is, not making a good faith effort by the State is a violation of the social order.

  10. The victims stated that they had it so Please publish the make , model and tag # so that it may be further ” investigated”….

  11. Would it be too much trouble to trace the license plate, find the person(s) responsible, and abort them?


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