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How Far Are They Willing to Go?

This is the question every American has to be asking themselves right now about the prospects of President Donald Trump running again in 2024. Our elites won’t suffer a second Trump term, but the nation is growing ever more dissatisfied with the replacement put in his place two years ago. How far are they willing to go and will the American people accept what ever plan they put into place to keep Donald Trump from returning?

A recent article by Michael Anton explores the dilemma our elites have created for themselves and the possible options they have to resolve it for themselves. Here

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  2. They’re learning that Trump is the Teflon Don and nothing short of death is going to keep him down.

  3. Just think of all the lies from his advisors. Trump went in as a newbie, now he know where the dead are buried.

    “But we do seem headed for a point of impact”
    I would say November.

    “100 million Americans believe it”
    I think 200 million Americans believe it, they all need to vote and blow the algorithm like 2016.

  4. The left will do literally ANYTHING to achieve power and maintain their grasp on power. Lying, cheating, fraud….and even MURDER. NOTHING is beyond them because they have no morals, no ethics and only ONE rule in life….WIN. By whatever means is necessary.

  5. That’s an unbelievable question. It should be, when have we reached the point that we realize TINVOWOOT? That is if change were to happen it would start then. Do we have the backbone for this? Things are going to get tough!

  6. The most obvious problem for us is that we have no one to plant the flag and draw the red line. We’ve been mollified by a strong combination of our own dispositions (conservatives are naturally reticent to do completely outrageous things) and by the incrementalism of the Left’s offenses against us. As their sea of criminality and theft of our rights washes ashore, it has done so as a slowly moving tide; albeit unrelenting, but not as an alarming tsunami. Our seashore real estate has been eaten away in a series of small waves over decades. In an effort to live happily and at peace, we try to dismiss the encroachment by seeing the glass as half full, rather than half empty. This is the main reason the Left has abolished true history lessons in our school; nothing to compare our present situation to what should be.

    It is dire. POTUS Trump can’t do it alone, and if he tried it would be more fuel for their accusations against him.

    Funny, in a two-systems-of-justice way, the entire time Bush the Younger was in office, Democrats placed placards in their windows, cars and on their lawns openly encouraging insurrection: “Resist”

  7. They hate us and that’s both sides of the same coin. We voted for Trump because we meant for him to be our bullet. This is not and has not been about Trump, it is about us. The tea party rose up and they had to shut them down, they rose again and elected the man who spoke their language is what they knew and they knew they had to shut us down again. It was so much easier for them when they could fool conservatives with the likes of W. The republicans will do the cheating in the primaries, they mean to crush us. I have suspected cheating for decades. I saw through their game before W. You can ask my friends and family how many years I’ve been saying they’re all the same coin. It’s gotten worse though than I ever thought it could and I don’t see a way out.

  8. “The hungry sheep look up, and are not fed, But, swoln with wind, and the rank mist they draw, Rot inwardly, and foul contagion spread: Besides what the grim wolf with privy paw Daily devours apace, and nothing said;”

    We bleat as we are shorn (by inflation; oppression; whatever).
    And we’ll bleat as we’re cut up into mutton.

    And the Traitors with their Chink, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Hollyweird, Media, Academia, and Bureaucrat partners grow fat – Michael Moore, Rosie O’Doughnut, Jabba the Hut fat.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. He doesn’t mention Plan G which might actually be much higher up in the letter chain. A Lee Harvey Oswald or a John Hinkley Jr or more likely a suicide bomber or CIA controlled asset. The need is so desperate this is a real consideration. No one is ever completely safe. I pray for DJT and all his family every day

  10. Don’t kid yerself… itz all about robbery!
    The bigger the “crisis”, the more money they throw at it!
    Aaaaaaannnnd that’s how they loot the treasury!

  11. Some people say Trump should retire and let DeSantis run instead but that won’t change the EVIL leftists plans to STOP any TRUE Conservative from being POTUS EVER again….

  12. A HANG ‘EM HIGH-style gallows for 500 at a time on the Washington Mall works for me – get rid of the swamp OLD school, with mass hangings, every hour on the hour until the swamp is dead!!! To commence during the inauguration of Trump’s 3rd term in January ’25!!! And may it ALWAYS be referred to as his 3rd term, with a footnote that the 2nd was STOLEN!!!

  13. [D]o Trump’s faults really warrant tearing the country apart by shutting out half of it from the political process?

    In every group, half are below average. Half the country is more stupid than “just average”. They can not learn, voting doesn’t matter. (“Or they wouldn’t be allowed to vote.” — prayer to Saint George)

  14. @TRF August 1, 2022 at 2:37 pm

    > In every group, half are below average.
    > MENSA make take issue with that statement.

    At least half of them will.

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