Trump – “Biden is not the brightest bulb”

Trump has his nickname for Joe. It’ll probably be Dim Joe.



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  1. How many brain aneurysms has old Joe had? Two, I think it was.

    Careful, PDT. They’re going to ding you for mocking a disabled person again. So “Survivor Joe” is out.

  2. Don’t underestimate Biden yet, the Democrat campaign will be based on anti-Trump hate and Biden will be acceptable to many Leftists and “centrists”, as well as many of the Republicans (such as the McCain clan and supporters), that would not vote for any of the other Democrat candidates.

    The coming Democrat campaign will not be based on issues or serious considerations about them, it will be based on emotions of hatred for anything not fully leftist in nature with all sorts of hatred and hateful things placed on the right to persuade the voters against them.

  3. I’m running, I’m running
    Though my head is up my ass
    I hear those gentle voices calling, “Old Slow Joe”

  4. If Obama was leading from behind, joe must be that little, feeble bulb that’s supposed to light your rear license tag….

  5. Yeah but, a few weeks ago someone here at iotwR posted an old video of Joe. Joe was so young I almost didn’t recognize him.

    He was assuring everyone in the room that he was the smartest guy in the room (with some serious body language), best educated, and I think he also said he could out think all of them.

    I thought, oh man, Joe has been self delusional for a long long time & surrounded by people where not a single one will call out, BS! (In either a joking tone or a serious tone to do it in a tactful way).

    However, it has been said, when someone is determined to make a fool of them self the safest thing to do is stand aside and stay out of their way.

  6. Opps. I forget to add on this finishing touch and link to LBJ:

    LGJ ! LGJ ! How many girls did you grope today?!

  7. Greezy Joe

    He’s like that sticky inedible sludge left sticking to the grills of your barbecue after a drunken cookout. It’s not greasy; it’s GREEZY


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