Trump Delivering on Another Promise – Bringing Law and Order to Our Cities

“But, but, but nothing happened to my friends when they rioted during Obama’s administration!!!”

There’s a new sheriff in town, dirtbags.

Most protesters arrested on Inauguration Day will face felony rioting charges, federal prosecutors say

CBS- The U.S. Attorney’s Office said the offense is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.


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19 Comments on Trump Delivering on Another Promise – Bringing Law and Order to Our Cities

  1. The era of being more equal under the law than others just because you’ve got a bigger mouth and Geo. Soros’ $$ are OVER!! And this is why the performer also known as “Madonna” should be brought in for questioning and charged with inciting violence against the WH and those in it.

  2. Make it difficult and expensive for Soros to recruit his street riot cannon fodder thugs and Useful Idiots.

    With a vengeance.

  3. Oh, and a nuther spin-off benefit is putting all those White-guilt-ridden, Xanax-disabled, bobble-headed, Progressive crap sandwich-eating, trigglypuff swamp donkeys in prison is the improvement of the racial balance…. for all those skin color-counting morons out there!

  4. @Senator Government January 25, 2017 at 2:05 am

    Thanks for posting this observation made by the Won’n’Only former excuse for a president, Barry “You didn’t build that!” O-sh*thead.

    President Trump has no need for a ‘magic wand”. He merely has foresight, common sense, and an amazing ability to persuade.

    This will surely be the most exciting four (eight?) years of my life!!! (BTW, I am five and a half weeks older than President Trump and supported him wholeheartedly since his 2015 announcement.) Keep going, Mr. President!!!

  5. Screaming and yelling and demanding in
    the streets is one thing.Burning up a
    limo and smashing painfully expensive
    windows is another.I guess Mommy & Daddy
    never taught them right from wrong,If they
    even knew their Daddy…

  6. Send some Special Forces Teams into Chicago. Have them hand out weapons and train the local law-abiding citizens. Then, lead them on raids into the drug houses and in a regemin of aggressive counterinsurgency patrolling. At night, withdraw everyone back into a safe perimeter and protect the good folks with claymores and foo-gas! Have a couple of AC130 Specters (not Arlen) on call just in case.

  7. these PAID AstroTurf violent rioters really deserve to be convicted of their felonies. As felons these scum can say goodbye to voting and goodbye to any Gummint job (even dogcatcher) and goodbye to any decent job in the private sector.

    the G. Braithwaite Scarfface’s of the world will ask themselves decades later, “what the fuck was I thinking to take blood money from that Socialist Fascist Nazi-collaborating fucktard George Soros?”

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