Trump Derangement: Photoshop of Canine Receiving a Medal From President is Latest Offense

Why should any of the petty things anger the left when Trump has already committed 3,000 impeachable offenses? Don’t they have bigger fish to fry?


One of the details Americans found out about the raid to get Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was the heroic actions of a Special Forces dog who chased Baghdadi down the tunnel and was injured when the ISIS leader detonated a explosive device killing himself and three of his children.

Reports said although the dog had been injured, he was already back on the job.

President Donald Trump tweeted out a picture of the dog, although he declined to name him, noting his name was still classified.

The Daily Wire made this:

WAPO and the NY Times responded-



The NY Times, after trying to gin up their idiotic base, had to make this admission –

“In a phone interview, James McCloughan, who had not seen the image before a reporter sent it to him, said that he interpreted it as President Trump recognizing the dog’s heroism. He certainly was not offended and laughed when he compared the two images.”

16 Comments on Trump Derangement: Photoshop of Canine Receiving a Medal From President is Latest Offense

  1. Trump does it again. How stupid are these people? Zoom up and look at the medal. He got exactly the reaction he was after. I think he’s still laughing.

  2. Heads will explode when “Killer” (good boy!) receives the purple heart and an invitation to the State of the Union Address.

  3. “Heads will explode when “Killer” (good boy!) ”

    Not a family pet. A stone cold killer. Nobody needs to be around these dogs. Except Muzzie Terrorists.

  4. This President recognizes a dog worthy of praise: trained for military duty, and successfully accomplishing its mission.

    OTOH, have the obamas eaten their photo op dog yet?

  5. It would be great if, when I go fly fishing, the fish were as easily enticed into hitting my fishing-fly as viciously and gobbling it down as quickly as these TDS fools do in reaction to anything Trump does.

    I would soon grow tired removing fish from a dead drifted fly alone. With no need to resort to more advanced fly-fishing techniques, such as – what Japanese anglers call “sutebari” [捨て針 literally – discarded needle] a fishing technique, used to entice reluctant weary fish to rise and hit the fly. You quickly cast the fly 5 or six times to approximately the same spot near a likely fish sheltering spot, only letting the fly briefly land on the water surface, before leaving the fly on the water on the last cast. The quick repeated brief landing of the fly – gets their attention & really annoys the fish and they hit the fly hard.

    But there is no need to tick off the TDS-fish to annoy them to a level they will leave their safe space and rise to the bait, they’re always already ticked off, and hungry for another bite at Trump. And none of the TDS fools play hard to get, do they? It’s like uninspiring fish pond fishing, where they’ll hit a bare hook. Nothing there, but they bite it anyway. And not the more challenging stream fishing for wild fish that are a lot smarter.

    PDJT must alternate between having a laugh at how easy it is to catch these gullible-TDS-fish or grow weary removing them from the hook for C&R (catch and release).

  6. Keep in mind that everyone on the left were born anal. They have no humor whatsoever. Just bitter, angry little trolls, green with envy against happy, normal, balanced people. It is our patriotic duty to laugh at them and mock them back under their dirt piles.


  7. “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    The Fake Media are humorless organs of a vicious propaganda.
    Their ideology blinds them to “common” sense (which ain’t as common as it used to be).

    They should pay for their treasons and then pay for their sins.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. I’d much rather see a pic of him with his leg cocked and pissing all over Pelosi’s shoes. And the same for the dog.

  9. @Anymouse – Cool. Thanks. Like cats chasing a laser light dot all round analogy I read in the comments is also accurate.


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