Trump Lays Out Rule- If You Jump Border You Lose Right To Asylum


The Trump administration announced new rules Thursday to limit people who cross the border illegally from seeking asylum in the United States.

Senior administration officials said they expect President Donald Trump to sign a proclamation Friday saying only those who present themselves to official ports of entry along the Southwest border can claim asylum. The new rule, issued by the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice, can only go into effect once the president signs the proclamation.

Thursday’s announcement comes one week after Trump announced his intention to place new limits on who can ask for asylum. Migrants who cross illegally, he said, would be held until deportation.


8 Comments on Trump Lays Out Rule- If You Jump Border You Lose Right To Asylum

  1. One migrant stated that Trump has no right to tell us we can’t be citizens if we want to be. Just incredible………..and sickening that the democrats agree.

  2. And he needs to do a second one – if you do not appear at your catch and release hearing you are automatically denied asylum and subject to deportation

  3. Why was this not the rule since the beggining of time iself?

    Add, if not a legal citizen and any minor law is broken equals instant deportation (for violent crimes incarceration first then deportation).

    Break our laws, get the boot.

  4. It works something like this:

    *door opens*
    – I demand to come inside!
    Ok, take one step back, please.
    *Door slams*
    [from inside] FUCK OFF!

  5. After 30 years we get another President who thinks Americans (Not criminal aliens) should be supported and protected! I voted for the right man! Hope to repeated 2020!


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