Rep. Linda Sanchez’s (D) husband indicted for corruption


The U.S. attorney in New Haven, Connecticut announced that a federal grand jury has returned two indictments charging five people with the theft of federal funds. One if the individuals charged is James Sullivan, who is married to California Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez.

According to a government release, the U.S. attorney alleges that the defendants conspired to misuse an account that held funds provided by federal grants to the Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Corporation (CMEEC), a public corporation that allows municipal electric utilities in Connecticut to provide electricity. Under the membership agreement, six municipalities provided that excess revenues, known as the “CMEEC Margin,” would be returned to the member towns to help stabilize electricity costs for citizens. Between 2010 and 2015, according to the U.S. attorney, CMEEC received over $9 million in grants from the U.S. Energy Department. Instead, the government said, the five co-conspirators spend the funds on themselves.

“Instead of protecting these funds and returning excess revenue to member towns and ratepayers, these defendants are alleged to have used the CMEEC Margin Account as a secret slush fund to pay for lavish junkets for themselves and their family and friends, as well as for other inappropriate expenses,” U.S. Attorney John Durham said in the press release.


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  1. Oh goodie, my home State is in the news AGAIN! The party of Calypso Louie Farrakhan shows us who they really are. There must be something in the water in our Democrat controlled cesspool sanctuary cities. The Ghetto Rats and State workers came out in force and put another Lib/Prog in the Govenor’s office. After circling the drain for the last 15 years maybe now we can just be flushed.

  2. Sanchez who stole the orange county election from Bob Dornan several years ago. A crook married to another crook.

  3. Loved old Bob Dornan and his late night special order speaches. He would constantly bring out dirt on Slick Willie.

  4. ” One if the individuals charged is James Sullivan, who is married to California Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez.”

    He knocked her up and then they decided to get married… later.

  5. GIN
    That election was the result of thousands of “Acts of Love”. Quoting bush!

    Are you against love?



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