Trump Pushes For Massive Budget, Staff Cuts At EPA


President Donald Trump will ask Congress to cut the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) budget 24 percent, or nearly $2 billion, according to sources familiar with the budget plans.

The White House sent draft budget plans to agency heads Monday, detailing billions of dollars in cuts to a wide range of federal programs. Cuts to EPA and other agencies will fund a $54 billion increase in defense spending.

A source informed of the budget plans told E&E News Trump will push for a nearly $2 billion cut to EPA’s $8.1 billion budget. A source told Politico Trump also “proposed reducing EPA’s 15,000-strong workforce to 12,000, a level not seen since the mid-1980s.”

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20 Comments on Trump Pushes For Massive Budget, Staff Cuts At EPA

  1. State and Fed EPA epic fail on lead contaminated Flint water.

    Epic EPA fail on “yellow river of death”

    With a reduced work force they might be able to get out of each others way and do their jobs.

  2. finally a president who keeps his word!

    this is why the msm and every other detractor hates mr trump.

    he tells the truth in unvarnished language.
    very little wiggle room for “nuance”.

  3. Imagine a day when you can build a stock pond in your back yard somewhere in a completely rural area and not have the EPA try to fine you millions for doing so.

    I did and its coming!

  4. As much as I hate this agency, it should not be completely eliminated. I’ve seen first hand the stupidity managers in industry can show and the unbelievable things they are willing to do for a few more cents on the dollar.

    My first job out of college was as an analytical chemist monitoring bringing plants into EPA compliance back in the very late 1970’s for a household name petrochemical company. I was shocked at what those plants were pouring directly into water used for commercial fishing etc.

    BUT, it would be entirely appropriate to roll back ALL their regulations implemented for the last twenty five or so years. The EPA met the objectives of the clean air and water act in a relatively short time. Industrial standards were dramatically improved and implemented. Then a prolonged period of mission creep and environmental lunacy set in.

    The mission of EPA needs to be to coordinate and compatiblize state environmental regulations, specifically for the protection of clean water, clean air and uncontaminated soil FOR THE USE OF HUMANS. Not one more cent protecting critters and bugs.

  5. In my lifetime, I really do not remember a real live large workforce reduction at one of the federal agencies. With President Trump, we might see several agencies being reduced.
    Let me predict: The Democrat Media Mafia will spend the next days with dire stories that illustrate just how vitally important each and every EPA position really is. Now our lives are all imperiled. The EPA should instead be growing. And it is all baloney.

  6. At the governors’ meeting, President Trump said “we’re going to do more with less, and make the government lean”. His current budget proposal increases military spending by $54 billion dollars, and cuts everything else by, wait for it… $54 billion dollars!

    And NeverTrump’ers said he was No True Conservative!

  7. Time to get the jackboot of Greenie off the necks of American business, American workers and American land owners.

    Next up: STOP making the remembrance of 9/11 a “day of service.”

  8. @Mr. Anth Ropy February 28, 2017 at 11:48 am

    And don’t forget the surge in unemployment crashing the economy, igniting another Great Depression.

    A 1900’s Depression, of course. The 2000’s were just a clerical error.

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