Trump puts RINOS in the crosshairs – IOTW Report

Trump puts RINOS in the crosshairs

9 Comments on Trump puts RINOS in the crosshairs

  1. Go Don Go! I want to vote Don a third time!
    Liberal GOP must go! Thank God I only voted for 1 GOP leftist -ghwb – and ONLY ONCE!

  2. Another amazing speech. While I have a major reservation about him running(like that fucking matters) you gotta love him, his picture is next to indefatigable in the dictionary.

    I don’t know how in the hell he does it. I have more energy at my age than just about anyone I know and he blows the doors off my Hemi.

  3. Ohio! Senate Race
    No to Jane Timken, Rob Por5man butt-buddy
    Probably No to JD Vance, anti-Trumper
    Toss up between Josh Mandel and John Gibbons
    If any Ohioans have an opinion on my last two, I’d love to hear it


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