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Trump Rightly Suggests FBI Could Have PLANTED Evidence

There was a time in my life when I was naive and thought that someone saying such a thing was ridiculous. Now I think you’re ridiculous if you don’t believe the FBI would set up someone like Trump.

Given what we know since the Obama administration, the FBI is corrupt to the core.


Trump Rightly Suggests FBI Could Have PLANTED Evidence during 10-hour long ‘power flex’ raid at Mar-a-Largo because his team were blocked from watching – and DOJ ‘wanted security cameras turned OFF’: Melania wardrobe was ‘ransacked’

  • Trump complained Wednesday that the FBI wouldn’t let his lawyers or other staff near the raid Monday 
  • He also suggested that agents could have ‘planted’ evidence at his Mar-a-Lago estate  
  • Trump will also be deposed Wednesday as part of the New York attorney general’s civil investigation into his family’s real estate business
  • The former president’s Florida home was searched by the FBI on Monday in relation to a probe into whether he took official documents from the White House 
  • The 76-year-old was in New York City at the time and was informed of the raid by his son, Eric
  • On Tuesday, the New York-born businessman was once again seen at his Manhattan residence, Trump Tower
  • It emerged on Tuesday that FBI agents in Florida even searched Melania Trump’s wardrobe, while hunting for missing documents

‘Everyone was asked to leave the premises, they wanted to be left alone, without any witnesses to see what they were doing, taking or, hopefully not, ‘planting,” he continued while placing doubt that the raid was conducted properly.

Trump, 76, questioned: ‘Why did they STRONGLY insist on having nobody watching them, everybody out? Obama and Clinton were never ‘raided,’ despite big disputes!’

Christina Bobb, a Trump lawyer, told Real America’s Voice on Tuesday that the raid was a ‘weird flex’ and repeated Trump’s suspicions that the RBI might have planted something during the search.

‘No, there is no security that something wasn’t planted,’ the 37-year-old lawyer said. ‘I’m not saying that’s what they did.’

‘This was a completely unnecessary power flex. It was a weird flex,’ Bobb added. ‘It’s quite honestly sad to see what they have done to our country.’

Even though Palm Beach reached a sweltering 91 degrees with high humidity on Monday, Trump’s lawyers were left outside near a parking lot and were not allowed inside the air conditioned building where the raid was happening.


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  1. With no supervised inventory of what was taken most people think the same way – they could plant anything and who would be the wiser! On top of that the security cameras were ordered to be turned off. Who does that unless there is intent to cheat… which seems to be the operational word with democRATz today!
    This was basically a sanctioned smash and grab!

  2. Search warrant, jeez. Criminal talkin like a just like a guilty person. Or my criminal empire is crumbling.

  3. Since his lawyers were not allowed to view the searches it is entirely possible and plausible that the FBI planted evidence. The grift must continue at any price.

  4. “because his team were blocked from watching – and DOJ ‘wanted security cameras turned OFF’”

    Yeah, because that’s totally how someone not trying to pull some shit operates. [/sarc]

    GFY, FBI.

  5. One more thing – with no supervised inventory and no security footage, they can claim anything.
    Well so can Donald Trump.
    Gee Wally, I wonder how much jewelry and money went missing after their so-called “visit”?
    Maybe the real intent was a show of power and anything found would just be a bonus…
    Funny… That’s how Communists roll!

  6. No doubt Melania will have to go underwear shopping now, you can bet those FBI perv’s absconded with half her inventory.

    About 2 years ago I watched a Rogen podcast with the 2 head guys from the Innocence Project. 2 of the biggest lefties you can imagine, but their empathy WRT their clients was blistering. They talked about case after case, many on death row, of bad cops (and bad D.A.’s) of planting evidence, destroying evidence, lying on arrest reports, intimating witnesses, and all manner of nefarious and illegal activity, all for the purposes of railroading an innocent man. It was riveting.

  7. If this latest scheme fails to prevent Trump from running in 2024, the next step is to go full JFK. No doubt whatsoever. These people are pure evil, and they are in control of everything.

  8. Only option is to plant evidence.

    Trump knows more than anyone the left is out to get him and the lengths they will go. In possession of documents he shouldn’t have would be like you speeding in front of a cop, intentionally, to avoid being pulled over. It doesn’t make sense. He’s much smarter than that.

  9. I’m sure he has video everywhere but a skilled slight of hand can easily plant something.

    Bloody Disgraceful as Jordan Peterson would say.

  10. He just pleaded the 5th in a deposition. He himself said years earlier, anyone who pleads the 5th is guilty. Guilty as fuck, dirtbag.

  11. ^ “…DOJ ‘wanted security cameras turned OFF’…”

    remember the fire in Trump Tower? There were actually two. One, the one immediately before he moved his campaign heqadquarters to NJ, has been scrubbed from the interweb. That was in a fitness center or soething, but I contend it was cover for removing surveillance technology.
    They should sweep the premises for new devices, either active or presently inert. I would dust all known surveillance cameras, etc for prints and also DNA. I would go so far as opening such devices to expose chips, etc, and testing there as well. Existing devices could have been altered for either removal of technology or the installation of new.
    It sucks that I have to consider such deviousness of my government, but here I am, doing just that.

  12. It goes beyond being assumed they planted evidence, given their recent history it can be entered into the record that they did plant evidence unless proven otherwise.

  13. No doubt that was the FBI’s plan. The democrats are shaking and crying about Trump. The FBI works for them so this is what America gets. It’s time.

  14. Gee, what would the feds do if EVERYONE became noncompliant?
    Maybe that has to do with 87,000 new IRS agents?
    Send them down; equip them with personal body bags, We The People will do the rest.

  15. Failed to return books(materials) to the library(archive) in a timely fashion? Really? Is this just another FU to the peasants?

  16. Prove that the evidence was not gathered at Mar-a-lago (or any other defendants location). That’s right boys & girls YOU CAN’T.

  17. Their home. Where they relax, have dinner, intimate moments, can walk around in their civies if they choose. Strange men fingering his wife’s personal belongings, into bedroom drawers, checking what’s in the bedside tables.
    He’s no saint who will forgive and bless the intruders. No amount of personal wealth can protect him, nor us, from intrusion by a rogue government agency.
    Ordinary people who have had their homes burgled say it’s a violation so strong some have moved away into a new abode.
    What did they want – papers stored in cardboard boxes under lock and key. Did those papers present a danger to our country, a fear that some foreign agent would take them for some awful motive? No. There’s no explanation that will be enough to justify the “rape of a family’s home”.

  18. From what I am reading, they broke into a safe, and spent time searching Melania’s wardrobe.
    Either there are perverts among the agents who raided his residence, or they were looking to plant something. Trump is right.

  19. A decent FBI agent would have refused to go in. But then again, they are hiring hacks. Proud of yourselves?

  20. @Irate Nate August 10, 2022 at 10:10 am

    > If this latest scheme fails to prevent Trump from running in 2024, the next step is to go full JFK.

    They wouldn’t dare. Such a blatant attack against (a now) civilian target, would cause half the American people to vote.

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