Trump says U.S. won’t bankroll Harry and Meghan security costs

The couple reportedly left Canada and plans to live in California

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  1. Where are our third world federal judges that like to waste tax dollars on BS?? I have a great idea, Harry and Megan need to buy a remote island and go TF away.

  2. Why? Because both of them are cunts. Her entire family can’t stand her except for her mother, and Harry is a weakling. She’s a WOKE, black liberation, anti Trump, global warmist, jihad apologist. We have enough of those here. I hope they change their minds (her mind) again and move to Australia. lol.
    (Sorry Aussies, but you know, same Queen and all).

  3. But Prince Harry sez Meg does voice-overs…
    In her Marvin the Martian voice: “This makes me very angry, very angry indeed.”

  4. Maybe they can live next to that Nigerian prince who keeps sending me emails promising to make me rich. I doubt he has US taxpayer funded security either.

  5. A federal judge will likely issue an order that says the US has to pay. Just to spite Trump. Because so many federal judges are either commie or queer. Or both.

  6. Finally an issue that unites the left and the right. It appears that NO ONE wants to pay for their security. Including the Royal Family.

  7. We finally hit it lucky and they moved out of our country. Two of the most selfish, ungrateful and greedy little snobs ever to walk the earth are now your problem. Good for Trump being up front about it, our douchette leader kept try to keep protection negotiations out of sight because he knew Canadians would be royally pissed if they had to provide guards (which we did).

  8. When she divorces him (and she will), he will never be able to pick up where he left off. He squandered any goodwill he had.

  9. Good for Trump. I’m calling it now – in a few years, she’ll end up leaving that sackless douche and he’ll go back across the pond to grovel to Nana Liz and beg to let him come home.

  10. ^^^ that WOULD change the meaning dramatically to remove it, wouldn’t it…

    …seems like there’s a “Dirty Harry” joke in there somewhere too, nicht wahr?

  11. Check with Obama, I’ll bet he’ll set you up with everything you need. Just think, he’s the only one over here that’ll bow to you on every meeting too!

  12. Moving to CA? The state where divorces are overwhelmingly in favor of the female. Sounds like Meg is setting the stage for when she screws the Weinstein replacement on the casting couch and gets the role she always wanted (to be a star) she will finally divorce rape Harry, keep the kid(s) and also get alimony to boot.

    Harry, that’s what you get for listening to your dick.

  13. Brown Eyed Girl- I agree.

    The kid is an insurance policy. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she took a pay out to let Harry take him full time after they divorce.

    She left the baby in Canada while she was in England making some rounds with interviews and grabbing anything she can get her hands on. If I’m a newborn’s mom, I’m not gonna do that.

  14. How will we ever know if we pay for the security or not? There is so much we don’t know. Just a footnote in the ‘foreign security’ budget line item that we will never see.

  15. Hey Harry: you live in LA – get a couple of pit bulls and an AR-14 (gun show loophole) like everyone else. Sheesh.

  16. They’re in California. Los Angeles. Garcetti (mayor of Los Angeles) or Newsome (the governor) will prolly provide taxpayer funded security just to spite President Trump. After all, Nutmeg and Ginger are big buddies with the Clintons, Oprah, and other left wing icons. Lube up California taxpayers, you’re about to get screwed.

  17. I thought Harry was finished when he was videoed running around his Las Vegas hotel room naked, chasing a woman. The furious Queen summoned him home immediately. Much to no one’s surprise, he topped that caper by marrying the greedy sociopath. Queenie is really not happy with this nightmare.
    The Queen is known to retaliate when someone does something disrespectful to her.
    If a commoner said something unkind she invites herself to Tea at their home. She said the cost of them having to redecorate their house for her arrival is punishment for their bad behavior.
    Can’t wait to see what she has in store for Harry!

  18. Dude fell for the trim. Failed to think with the upper head. Made the rookie mistake of trading paperwork with the ginch. Now that they can’t ‘royal’ any more what use is this ginger boat anchor to her?

  19. No other redhead in sight when the family gets together. I think somebody got into Diana instead of Charlie. The Queen should ask for a DNA test.

  20. @OneLastTime–What a photoshop that would be!Could BFH or Dianny do it?

    Also, if I read it correctly, since Harry’s kid is still in the line of succession to the throne, The Queen gets custody if anything happens–death, divorce,etc. He cannot be used as a pawn by NUTMeg.

    I heard that the Obamas were advising H&M how to petition the State Department for security costs. This whole thing stinks! But I can’t stop watching it unfold! What a train wreck!

  21. An old Texas cliche- “If you could buy `em for what they’re worth and sell ’em for what they think they’re worth…”

  22. February 2032

    6am in a small apartment along Hollywood Blvd., West Hollywood.

    Harry Windsor sits on the bed, occasionally glancing over at his still sleeping wife Meghan Markle.

    “Blimey, I’ve never seen her look as old as this before. She has lots of grey hair now, lots of wrinkles. She hasn’t had a role since Star Wars: Attack of the Corona19 Robots and that was in 2027. She played a robot for two weeks of work. She blames sexism for lack of roles.”

    “Fook, we are down to our last $3000 dollars. She wants another face-lift and Archie claims he’s a girl and wants a sex-change operation.”

    “I can’t get a job – I have no marketable skills. Even my polo experience won’t help. My brother won’t send me any more money and none of the rest of the family will have anything to do with me. Maybe I’m screwed.”

    Looks out of window at Hollywood Sign and thinks: “That sign is pretty high. Someone climbed to the top one time then dived off. Hummppphhh.”


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