Trump Smokes Out Texas Open Borders Congressman

Good job, Trump.


– A South Texas congressman is reacting to Donald Trump’s latest target, the judge overseeing fraud lawsuits against his now-defunct Trump University.

Democratic Congressman Filemon Vela from Brownsville sent a scathing open letter to Trump Monday with a crude message. Vela represents the congressional district between Brownsville and Corpus Christi.

The letter does not mince words. Vela says there are some areas where he and Trump do agree, like fighting cartel violence and corruption in Mexico. But the congressman describes Trump’s immigration views as “hateful, dehumanizing and shameful.” He goes on to say, “Your ignorant anti-immigrant opinions, your border wall rhetoric, and your recent bigoted attack on an American jurist are just plain despicable.”

That appears to be the motivation for sending the letter. Those recent comments Donald Trump made about the judge in his “Trump University” fraud lawsuit, saying the judge can’t be impartial because he’s a Mexican.

“You have now descended to a new low in your racist attack of an American jurist. One of 124 Americans of Hispanic descent who have served this country with honor and distinction as federal district judges.

“I would like to end this letter in a more diplomatic fashion, but I think that you, of all people, understand why I cannot. Mr. Trump, you’re a racist — and you can take your border wall and shove it up your a**.”

“Sincerely, Filemon Vela, Member of Congress.”

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Mr. Trump objects to the judge because he’s a member of some San Diego affiliate of La Raza, and not because the judge is merely Hispanic. I’ve read some very funny attempts by members of La Raza to say that “La Raza” means something other than “The Race” – but it simply does mean exactly that. Even politically correct Google agrees, FFS.

    That makes Vela not only an ignoramus, but also and idiotic racist.

  2. Uncle Al the NAACP is also a blatantly racist organization.
    How many blacks has he called out for being members?

  3. HERE COMES JOHN S to be a contrarian, on cue, like a fucking robot.

    You can’t see what this looks like??
    EVERY friggin’ post that is made that mentions the name Trump you have to show up and run defense for the FUCKING DEMOCRATS!!!.

    Uncle Al makes a comment about an OPEN-BORDERS DEMOCRAT and you start haranguing him???

    Seriously. WTF is going on?

    I’ve had enough of this.

  4. Ok, so if a judge belongs to a Hispanic racist group, bad.
    If a judge belongs to a Black racist group, STFU.
    And yes, Trump has been in court in front of a black judge. I haven’t researched it, but 99% he was a member of the NAACP.

  5. JohnS – I didn’t write what you are implying, and there are some very easy to spot differences between La Raza and NAACP. So, go engage in unassisted intercourse.

  6. Al, Trump did not mention La Raza in his rant about the Judge. Trump said the Judge was “of Mexican heritage” and a member of a Mexican group that are proud of that, and Trump wants to build a wall, and the judge made bad rulings Trump didn’t like.

    The judge is actually an activist that has the ability to make law from the bench, but Trump never brought that up. He should have.

  7. JohnS, after months of watching Trump operate and seeing all the dead carcasses in his wake, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that if he had a reason to call out a black judge, he would.

  8. Trump has a black neurosurgeon on his advisory committee. Does that count for anything?

    Just trying to be helpful.

  9. To the JohnS out there. Curiel belongs to the Hispanci Bar Assn. They called for a boycott of all of Trumps businesses nearly a year ago. How is it again that Curiel shouldn’t recuse himself?

  10. If Trump’s pointing out that prog’s identity politics has corrupted not only education and government but now also an American’s right to a fair trial, good for him.

    @ JohnS – tell us why it’s OK to denigrate white judges and accuse them of “white privilege” but white people dare not point out the record of an avowed supporter and enabler of criminal activity sitting on the federal bench. This is a judge who, as an officer of the court, had no trouble selecting illegal criminal aliens for scholarships instead of deportation.

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