Trump Supporter Bullied Out of Her DC High School

National File-

Jayne Zirkle, a young Trump supporter, has detailed how threats of violence and harassment from other students have made it impossible for her to finish her senior year of high school.

Zirkle is a senior at School Without Walls High School, otherwise known as “Walls,” and was subject to harassment and threats from other students for being an open Trump supporter. Teachers even dropped her grades for her politics. The latter problem is one shared by conservative students across the nation: National File this week reported on a poll of 1000 Republican college students who feared their grades would be affected as a result of speaking their views in class.


Here she is in her own words –

This is a rebuttal by two absolute dipshits. Yes, they are young teenagers, and I should be sensitive to the fact that they are virtual know-nothings and back off a little. It’s just that they sound so much like the grown up libtards. Or is it the grown ups still sound like juvenile dipshits?

The dopey kid on the right actually says that “Trump called Mexicans rapists!” He says Trump is a racist and a homophobe. The dope also identifies as a communist.

They have no idea how indoctrinated they’ve been by the handlers that seek to control them. It’s pathetic. Good luck idiots!

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  1. THIS is what we have after 911? Oh and by the way everyday I see another woman or child raped by an illegal. This lack of knowledge is on the teachers and the propaganda media.

  2. Up is down, down is up, wrong is right, right is wrong, speech is violence, violence is free speech… what has happened to the world? Satan is truly working overtime.

  3. Telltale: It takes TWO liberal boys to attack ONE conservative girl.
    I agree that she should lawyer up and sue the school district. She has nothing to lose. And she should video her abusers. Maybe Trump will catch wind on this and invite her to the White House. THAT would be something!

  4. hassling someone over politics is not bullying?

    How can so called “teachers” or school administrators condone this —- oh yes they actually teach/indoctrinate it.

    If it was my kid we’d already have F. Lee’d it!

  5. And thank you to almost all colleges and unis. Ignorance institutions. Train our youth in racism ignorance and political ignorance and economic ignorance… Historic ignorance. Spiritual ignorance. Abortion ignorance. Thank their parents too. Two of my grown up grandkids avoided college-unis (I was a public school algebra teacher for 20 years) and I don’t have to worry about their ignorance. The boy is in basic combat training and the girl is married and living abroad. I am teaching at a Christian school now and the pay is 1/3 but I don’t have to teach or listen to my colleagues lies or general b.s. I can speak the truth. Today that was a good feeling.


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