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Trump to Orlando Crowd: ‘Dream Big and Bold and Daring’


Starting off wishing Orlando a “Merry Christmas” as he bounded onstage — surrounded by Christmas trees — Donald Trump came out to the cheers of a huge crowd in Orlando, Florida Friday evening.

Orlando’s Fox News 35 estimated that the December 16 crowd numbered up to eleven thousand at the Central Florida Fairgrounds.

After his Christmas wish to those in attendance, Trump humbly said he is in Orlando to thank the good people of Florida and the U.S. for supporting his candidacy.

The real estate mogul vowed that his watchwords will be “America first.”

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16 Comments on Trump to Orlando Crowd: ‘Dream Big and Bold and Daring’

  1. So van jones says President Elect Trump has not spoken like a patriot yet. That bastard can rot in hell with obama. I hope barack and michelle have the worst vacation of their miserable lives as they watch how a patriotic, America loving President behaves! Keep it up Mr. President!

  2. The last 7 years have been employment HELL for me. And I know it has been the same for some of you dear people here. Before Obama, I NEVER had a problem landing a killer paying job. I’ve applied for over 600+ jobs since he took office. I’ll never forget when BigFurHat went out of his way and posted here asking if anyone could help me. What a STUD. To be fair, I have had some acting dream jobs happen along the way and even though it wasn’t exactly the best pay in the world, I worked at a place over the Obama years that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED. It’s all been part of His plan…

    I have an interview next week where I can put all of my education, talents on loan from God, and all my sorrow (only God can pull that one off) to work for the greater good. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME THAT I DO MY BEST AT THE INTERVIEW. I really want to give you all something to cheer about.

    But I have NEVER stopped dreaming BIG LEAGUE and this current *#&%^@!+~(ER who intrudes our White House has only made me more resilient, determined, and conservative. But he gets NO credit for that. God has been with me the whole time and He has let me continually fall down the rabbit hole(s) for some reasons I clearly see and for some reasons I may never know this side of eternity. I’m not kidding. The last two weeks have been a near-crippling trial of faith I have never experienced (it was beyond rough but I passed with a D+. LOL!) and I truly believed my Lord had forsaken me and He was done with me. But I had seen the miracles He had pulled off for me in the past and that was all I had to cling to. BigFurHat knows some of those miracles. Don’t spoil any of them BigFurHat. Wait until the book comes out. 😉

    At least I haven’t lost my sense of humor. It’s only gotten worse. And I am well aware I’m not Christ’s purest ambassador but hey, like The Voice Of Rock Glenn Hughes proudly belts out, “My salvation, I do the best I can…”

    Sorry I’m all over the map. But I ain’t entering no period of hopelessness. I’M COMING OUT OF IT! TRUMP ON IOTWREPORTERS! 🙂

  3. Man. I haven’t written an essay like that since college.

  4. The Left will respond to this: “B-b-b-but a VICTIM cannot do that!”

    Exaaaaactly, you pin-headed buffoons!

  5. @Czar

    Thank you for allowing all American’s to hear, “The way it ought to be !”

  6. @Jerry Manderin, Godspeed my brother. Praying for Gods will to be done in your life and for your strength and joy

  7. @Jerry, my prayers are with you. God Bless you!

  8. @Jerry, best of luck.
    Keep the faith, bro.
    It will all work out !!

  9. @Jerry – I echo everyone’s sentiments about next week. Praying for you.
    Keep us posted.

  10. Jerry– don’t let the glamour and sparkle of an Acting job get the better of you. Don’t use a fleece to tempt the Lord like Gideon. Stay on the narrow path that you are walking on and leads to eternal life. What will it profit you if you gain the whole world but loose your soul. I’m not against what you are looking for but don’t let your heart and feelings be your guide. The Lord may or may not give you what you want-but the question should be– is it what He wants for you. Remember, any job will do as long as you do it unto Him. Pray Jerry as if your life depends on it–because it does.. keep the faith and stay the course. <

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