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Hollywood’s Next Genre


Just as there are whole genres on the Vietnam War (soldiers as victims / dangerous psychopaths), the Kennedys (tragic kingdom), and the Iraq War (Bush’s fault), there are going to be a bunch of new conspiracy movies on why Hillary really lost. After all, it couldn’t possibly be her fault.

As sure as the sun will rise over the Hollywood hills, the left will produce a batch of unwatchable movies in the coming months to try and create nefarious excuses as to why Hillary lost the election.  I’m ready to get in on the ground floor and pitch a few ideas, here are few titles.

Hopeless: The Michelle Obama Story – As an adult she was proud of her nation, now she’s left Hopeless

The Land of Deplorables – Flyover country’s out there.  How are you going to survive it?

Tell My Donors I Love Them – They felt use and betrayed, but they were always in her heart

The Ceiling Breaker  – A candidate so good the FBI and the Russians had to team up against her

OK let’s see your pitch to Hollywood.





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  1. “Obola: The Modern Ozymandias”
    “Feckless in DC”
    “The Wreck of the Hesperus: Clintons last Campaign”
    “The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!”
    “It’s My Lie: The Clinton Fiasco”
    “A Lyin’s Tale”

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. “Fargo 2”-A tale of neglecting the unwashed fly over dirt balls who then forgot to vote for her because she just sucked as a candidate, but more of as a sucky human being…

  3. They Shoot Humas, Don’t They?
    A Day at the Racists
    Pneumonia Viet Nam
    Gennifer Flowers in the Attic
    The James Carville Horror
    Michelle Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
    Some Like It Not

  4. I’m all for it as long as it spotlights her incredibly hideous inner being and demonic possession.

    Oh wait.. what was I thinking? This is Hollywood after all.

    HRC stars in: “Weebles Wobble But They Ain’t No Ways Tahd!”

  5. “The Melting of the Snowflake” How Mrs. Clinton, an innocent, unassuming champion of the middle class, was brought down by deceit, the media, and the Russian mafia.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. “American Atrocities” A Michael Moore Docudrama. “American history
    from slavery to Wounded Knee, to Mai Lai, to the destruction of Hillary Clinton.” “Masterful” The New York Times film review.

  7. “Springtime in Siberia” Pee Wee Herman assumes the role of the evil Dictator Vladimir Putin, who conspires with the evil industrialist Donald Trump, subtly portrayed by Michael Moore, to create chaos and undermine America’s electoral system.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. “It Was Mine, Dammit!”
    The heartbreaking story of the “ideal woman” presidential candidate who had been preparing for her “coronation” for decades, but the misogynist billionaire came in and stole the election from her with the help of the “evil” Russians.

  9. Escape to Vancouver
    Leftists embark on a dangerous journey to liberal utopia after a billionaire, a communist nation, and tens of millions of bigoted rednecks steal the election from the rightful President.

  10. All The Presidents Women. A philandering ex-president attempts to regain his former glory (and the easy women that go with it) by working behind the scenes to get his unlikeable shrew of a wife elected.

  11. From Rear to Maternity.

    A young and confused Barry Obama decides if he’s going to get anywhere in politics, he’ll have to leave his friend’s behind and marry a woman who will bear him children. Will he leave the family to find the man of his dreams now that his term is up?

  12. All they gotta do is turn the story around. They can have some skank-nasty hollywood biatch play a Republican that does all those things hill just did this year. It would be a winner.

    /remember there is no H in winning

  13. MJA

    “From Rear to Maternity.

    A young and confused Barry Obama decides if he’s going to get anywhere in politics, he’ll have to leave his friend’s behind and marry a woman who will bear him children. Will he leave the family to find the man of his dreams now that his term is up?”

    OMG:) A film for the ass-born! Gonna get more votes, ya!

  14. White Bitch Down

    Diane Feinstein narrates a documentary of the down on her luck criminal, Hillary Clinton. She lost another presidential race, but can she win the upcoming lawsuits against her? Cameo appearance by John McCain.

  15. “Red Don”

    After Trump takes office, he backstabs the whole country and lets Putin take over withiut a shot being fired. A band of plucky SJW’s form a resistance network operating out of their moms’ basements, and they send Putin packing with their fierce hacking.

  16. “Murder at Marcy Park.” A Harvey Weensteen production. How the Right-wing Republicans conspired with the NRA, the KKK, and the KGB to destroy Hillary Clinton
    ***** New York Times.

  17. Bumbling billionaire president Wakes up in an alternate universe where men have to generate clean energy by riding fish shaped bicycles. All aspects of life are controlled by progressive man hating womyn. Babies are grown in warehouses with strictly enforced race and gender quotas.

  18. Yours, Mine and Ours; Hillary and Huma, A Love Story

    Run! Bitch Run!; Bill Made Me Do It

    Christmas in Chappaqua; Santa better come around here this year, ’cause I’m a shoutin’ and a poutin’

  19. Bongopoofter…….okay as soon as I stop laughing I’ll post…

    Godley and Creme penned a very short tune in their Consequences album called Yours, Mine, Ours. Now I can’t get that tune outta my head. Thank you! 😀

  20. What Ever Happened to Queen Hillary?
    After suffer the humiliation of defeat caused by the Russians, a basket of deplorables and a rogue billionare, Queen Hillary (a monarch only in her mind) seeks refuge in her humble millionare mansion.
    On occasion, disguised as a gentle, kind grandmother, she mysteriously appears in selfies with local millionare donors in her neighborhood.
    Little does anyone one know, she has chained and locked up in the attic, the one person she truly blames for her downfall – Bill Clinton. Will the emaciated, frail bimbo eruption perpetrator survive her wrath? Find out in a theater near you.

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