Trump video compiles Biden’s recent mental frailty

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  1. I “just wonder” about the sanity of all the lefty candidates.

    BTW, who is putting slow acting mental incompetence drugs in his water. Someone put too much.

  2. Sorry.
    He doesn’t seem any dumber or more irrational or more confused than any of the other Demonrat candidates.

    They all talk pure “gimme” shit – no plan other than death and destruction.

    Yo! 30330!

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Your time is over, Joe. For God’s sake, salvage what’s left of your dignity (if you ever had any to begin with) and stop this.

  4. The Libtards went from the Slogan “Don’t Trust anybody over 30″

    To…”Don’t Trust Anybody with an over 30 IQ”

    ( I should Probably Copyright that)

  5. “Mr. Vice President?”


    “Mr. Joe Biden?”

    “Yeah, yeah. I’m here. Who are you?”

    “Sir, I’m JR reporting for the iOTWReport news network. We’d like to ask you some questions about your mental health and readiness to be President.”

    “What the hell is going on? They said some network guys would come down and talk about the debates, for chrissakes, and get my truth and facts thing right for a change. And you brought a camera guy and all that fancy gear? What ya gonna do? Take movies of yourselves? Is this for real?”

    “Yes it is, Mr. Vice President. Could we start now?”

    “Lemme tell you something, JD. That story I told about Pop Corn was true! I’m not making this stuff up. You can’t make stuff up like this. I can, but you can’t! It just didn’t happen. I mean, it happened. Man, I don’t believe that. This ain’t happening.”

    “I’m sure you’re right, Mr. Biden. What was your reaction when President Obama said ‘You don’t have to do this, Joe.’?”

    “I’m Vice President of the United States!! Dammit! Do what? You been talking with Barack about stuff?”

    “Yes sir, you were.”

    “Hey, I don’t have to do this. I gotta go!”

    (Turning to the camera, JR sums up.)

    “Joe’s gone.”

  6. Man, that photo takes me back. I was coaching the poor black kids hockey team, and this big polack looking fella, name of Slapshot, tries to kick us off the ice. Honest to god. Then the ice cream truck came, and I told him he was lucky I had a hankering for an orange push up pop, and he’d better not be there when I get back. I never came back, but I heard later that he wasn’t there. Smart man.

  7. Slightly OT. POTUS Trump said something last night in the Rally while talking about all the things left on our list that need to be finished or undertaken/accomplished: “The best is yet to come!” I thought that would make a really beautiful and effective campaign slogan for us.

    Biden is not the DNC’s choice, Warren is. I cannot wait to hear her in a debate with POTUS Trump.

  8. TRF…Which immediately draws my mind back to BFH”s Joe Biden Pic

    “Are the Idiot Fish just for other Fish?”


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