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  1. I don’t know if it’s a legitimate tech difficulty or sabotage but right side news and others are getting tonight’s feed interrupted.

    Fox News and FBN assholes love the sound of their own voices. But CSPAN has the feed

  2. World leaders are going to have to take note and reajust thier thinking, because Trump is going to be the next President.
    Its a new day in America. Believe it, I saw it last night.
    Have real hope in Trump, because he is the real deal.
    He loves us,and all we stand for.

  3. Trump is giving a speech in Arizona now. Local TV news just cut him off, and brought a ‘political analyst’ on deck to bullshit us instead of airing the speech.

  4. RSBN has gone dark and utilizes non computer literate mods for their chat forums. If you differ from THEIR opinions about President Trump…you get banned…reminds me of The Writes Poop.

  5. Watching the speech now.
    Voting for Trump is like voting for IOTW contributors and commenters.
    I’m voting for myself.

  6. Meanwhile on a left coast radio show, Michael Medved said because Trump is negotiating potential new deals with Mexico he has violated federal law-since he isn’t an elected official. A statement so stupid and reaching that it made the other left coast radio host that Medved was on air with-stammer and laugh. That radio guy is another pretzel logic semi never trumper who says he cries and prays about whether he should vote for Trump.

    Oof! No wonder I chose to work in radio silence most afternoons.

  7. Whatever Trump says, he needs to STOP with the “Mexico will pay for the wall” crap.
    WE WILL PAY, fuck, we pay for everything else.
    We will gladly pay!
    Oolit-kay ithway ethay apay, ok?

  8. @loco

    It was never about who pays for the wall. It’s about getting the wall that was promised to us decades ago.
    If Trump can shake down Mexico for even a penny that’s good for for me. I’d stroke a check today to pay for my share of the wall today.

  9. Trump’s speach tonight is a barn burner. He is laying out a real set of rules and changes that will stop the madness.
    Lets see the media spin this, no chance, it was full of specific points and well done.

  10. Listening to Donald Speak on immigration. On the one hand you have Killary and her illegal aliens on stage with her at the ‘rat convention. On the other hand you have Trump on stage with families of those those killed by illegals and/or raped and killed.

    Which hand do the NTers prefer?

  11. They are playing with the internet tonight, I am having a hard time getting comments to post. Silk and comcast.
    They don’t want to get the truth out.

  12. “president and friend, Barack Obama”

    That’s all I need to know about the Mexican. I could write the rest in myself.

    It would have been rude of Trump to tell the Mexicans they would have to pay for the wall, after they invited him down there. That’s the way I see it, he was just being polite by not mentioning payment. They’ll pay, one way or another.

    And I’ll bet those beaners appreciate the idea of the U.S. having a real man for president instead of the effeminate Barry Hussein. It’s the cartels that are going to be pissed.

  13. Geoff, I keep seeing google’s IP addresses pop up at the same time that my internet connection seems to be hanging up.
    They are a tool for the 0bama administration.

  14. Hey Loco, of course when the time comes for the contractors to receive a check for work performed in constructing a wall it will come from the US taxpayers. With that being said, I love Mr.Trump saying that Mexico will pay for it. It’s high time that Mexico (and the world) realized that the United States mean business. Who is it that said “the business of America is business”? Anyway, simply stopping the transfer of welfare payments to Mexico could pay for a wall all by itself. I’m thinking that Mexico knows they will be paying for a wall one way or another..

  15. Mexico is paying for that wall and anyone who thinks otherwise is full of it. It’s the simplest damn math their is. And what the hell is the point of saying that Trump is wrong about making that point? Is it to undermine him, warn people that he’s lying? What?!

    It’s the same morons who said he wasn’t going to get a wall built in the first place who now are saying Mexico won’t be paying for it. Ha!

  16. AA, I am not trying to undermine Trump.
    I think it is a distraction.
    Sure, it’s a great line in a speech but what good does it to keep repeating it?
    It became part of every news report yesterday.
    I want a wall and the US will pay for it. So? We do pay for everything anyway.
    If I want to put up a fence I would pay for it and reap the benefits.

    How many people believe Mexico will pay for it?
    Perhaps indirectly a case could be made but even then.
    Our government is so corrupt and wasteful all of the sudden that goes away and Mexico is writing us a check for a border wall?
    Come on.

  17. I’ll dumb it down. When you tell a kid he has to pay for the broken window out of his allowance – who really pays?

  18. It all depends on weather you earned your allowance or it was a welfare payment.
    I never got an “allowance” earned any money or favours.

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