Tucker Carlson Calls Out AOC For Her Bigotry

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the Fox News prime time host put his focus on the representative for New York’s 14th District, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Carlson began his commentary commending her achievements, such as becoming the youngest member of the House, making the Green New Deal a platform issue for the party and her influence on the democrat party over all. Niceties aside, Carlson then blasted the freshman House member for bigoted comments made during a hearing this week. Watch

7 Comments on Tucker Carlson Calls Out AOC For Her Bigotry

  1. How can anybody know what she believes in. Her speech is incoherent, disconnected,
    Rambling and meandering. She says English words, but doesn’t place them in any kind of order.

  2. We older, less educated people understand this kind of thing. Possibly not with the nuanced and sophisticated view the Harvard intellectual of the day possesses, but in bulk, in value, we get it.

    The white man’s burden. Review the old, now ancient, literature. We knew then what she proves now.

    It is not yet a penal offense to speak it, though social opprobrium will certainly follow any expostulation of the view. This, in fact of reality, is the white man’s burden.

    They are all supremely embarrassed and ashamed that… they couldn’t, and can not, do what the white man has done.

    Their only recourse is our destruction, to appease their wounded, foolish pride. This is the white man’s burden as we have chosen to take it today. Shame on us for allowing this catastrophe to befall the human race.


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