New Racist Hoax in Seattle – Change My Mind


SEATTLE — A yard sign supporting a Seattle City Council candidate was spray-painted with a racial slur.

The Seattle Times reports Shaun Scott campaign aide Enrico Doan wrote Tuesday on Twitter about his yard sign being defaced and the candidate shared a photo. The sign, with a photo of the black candidate, was covered in spray paint with a four-letter word and a racial slur against black people.

“People just need to understand that these things are things that happen in liberal Seattle … and that things like this have happened somewhat regularly on the campaign trail,” he said in an interview Wednesday.


Yeah, no.

My default position on these “crises” is that they are fake. A betting man has the odds on his side.

So, prove me wrong.

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  1. All over the Seattle news…until a neighbor comes forward with surveillance camera video. Then it will be dropped faster than a prom queen’s panties.

  2. Defacing, stealing nd uprooting signs have been a part of a political campaigns forever. If the racial slurring of a sign were as common as this young idiot would have us believe we’d see it every day. The fact the media reported on one sign leads me to believe the kid did it himself after checking to make sure there were no security cameras around and nobody walking their dogs at 3:00 A.M.

  3. Wait, this one just might be for real, given that libs are the most racist intolerant bigoted hateful vulgar people out there. Oh, and did I mention hypocritical, since spray cans emit dangerous VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that harms the ozone?

  4. This has a Jussie Smollett vibe all over it.
    ‘The yard sign, featuring a photo of the candidate, who is black, was covered in spray paint with a four-letter word and a racial slur against black people.’ The slur depending on the article has different pictures, 1 with a non-finished 4 letter word, another with a photoshop 6 letter word.
    Witnesses include “I live in a neighborhood with lots of children.” and “I have a little puppy and took her out for a walk and that’s when I noticed it,”.
    Surprisingly, I’m amazed the little puppy didn’t keel the F’ over and die.
    FFS BS

  5. My gut says he did it. I could possibly be wrong though and it was one of his supporters/friends to gain him sympathy that he will throw under the bus when he’s outed.

  6. Well, talk to me when blacks stop calling each other the N word first.
    If you really care that much you would start there. But it’s not about that Is it? I don’t hate anybody, but I hate what some people do, so buzz off.

  7. “…things like this have happened somewhat regularly on the campaign trail…”

    Yet this is the first we’ve heard of it. Because forbearance and restraint are hallmarks of the SJW ethos.

    Dates, times, police reports, video or you’re just schiffng us, Enrico.

  8. “and that things like this have happened somewhat regularly on the campaign trail,”

    Yeah, and it only seems to happen to you, and when you’re around.
    Perhaps you should hire the Scooby Doo kids to investigate. lol

  9. Everything in Seattle is looked at as a vehicle by SJWs (and they long ago achieved critical mass in Seattle) with which to segue into a one way enlightenment of the benighted on some aspect of “social justice.” The Goddamn jackasses are absolutely insufferable on their compulsion to display how morally superior they are to all and sundry. I can promise you with almost 100% certitude that this is fake.

    And when caught out they will publish articles and run “news stories” about how that does not matter, it could have been real and since it could have been real that proves to the world what we SJWs have been saying about the inherent racism/sexism/homophobia of all heterosexual white males. So there, nanny, nanny boo boo we win again.

  10. “and that things like this have happened somewhat regularly on the campaign trail,”

    “So I thought I’d jump in right in the middle of all these racial moments and focus on this one in particular, right here in the midde of so many dozens of these regular incidents. Just happened to pick this one. Just thought it was so perfectly typical, a bit of ‘day in the life’ feel to this one. So perfectly regular that I thought I’d bring attention to it. Its normalcy seemed to stand out somehow. Just kinda extra-normal, if you will.”

  11. I just had bone grafts in my mouth preparing for surgical implants. The donor was a deceased unidentified black guy killed in a car accident. Because of this I now consider myself black (more than Elizabeth Warren is Indian) and expect you oppressive white people to start paying reparations to me. You can send checks to me via Big Fur Hat and he will forward them. I will also accept Paypal.

  12. @Billy Fuster, Sincere best wishes to you!
    So touched by your situation I have started a GoFundYou page asking for all 16oz + Skillets bags to be sent to BFH to forward to your domicile.
    (FUR, nope never going happen,,)

  13. Fake x 4. Shaun seems to be sporting a fierce haircut. Bet one of his LGBTQ “constituents” or staff was not content with his services.

  14. Seattle? The nexus of communism in the people’s republic? Why the effort? Whom the effort? We love EVERYONE except straight white males around here. Bogus.

  15. We live 3 miles from the place of the “Crime”
    Never happened. It is one of the most liberal parts of the city, he must be down in the polls and trying to dig up votes.
    Plus he is a homo and loves street people.
    Bet he gets voted in.
    At this point I don’t care what happens to this city.
    Seattle is a lost cause, it will be Portland or San Francisco, Hell we have a leg up on them, we now have the highest property crime rate in the country.
    We have had bikes and many other things swiped,cars broken into,I could go on and on.
    People arrested 150 times and just let go.
    It is sad, I love this city and Portland too they are two of the most beautiful cities in the US.

  16. Geoff C. The Saltine,
    ANTIFA has an app out that tracks Trump supporters and monitory contributors to the conservative cause. You can thank Social Media. Have you prepared yet? Tic Tok. I imagine not.

  17. Clicked on his campaign page, and by the looks of Shawn, I don’t know about his sign being defaced. More likely an ex lover defecated on his sign after a lovers spat…perhaps Enrico Doan is his name.


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