Coming to a story time library session near you! Drag Queen performs abortion on HIMself at Nightclub


The New York-based drag queen in question, Blair Back, said it was a performance from a cannibal-themed drag show at an unspecified location (Ke$ha’s song ‘cannibal’ provides the musical accompaniment to the performance) and called on people to “Stop over thinking about it!!!!”

“No babies were harmed in this video. The baby is made of PLASTIC!!! I’m wearing a pregnant belly costume I got online!!! The blood is fake!!! And the organs r fake as well!!!!!” Back added. 



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  1. Though I am not a particularly religious person, I have a fundamentalist friend who asserts that we as a society are just begging to get the Sodom & Gomorrah treatment. When I see headlines like this nearly every day, I can’t argue with him.

  2. Coming to a story time library session near you, drag queen gets his ass beat for showing his balls to my great nephew

  3. Why doesn’t he just perform a current 4th term abortion on himself with a can of draino or the front of a subway?

  4. They go to bed every night wondering what crazy shit they can do the next day. It’s sad that they love to keep themselves in a melodramatic state 24/7.

  5. @Kcir – must admit, no matter the party, I fully support!
    No involving assisted suicide claims, nothing more for childish political pandering, you want to go, go full Nike and ‘just do it’.

  6. It’s only a matter of time before this private disgusting thing becomes street theater.

    Some women will have a live abortion on the street, and the crowd will take joy in smashing it to bits.

    Canaanite gods still exist.

  7. @ BrassG OCTOBER 31, 2019 AT 4:28 PM

    I was sitting listening to a discussion going on in a bookstore in Seattle and a half-dozen individuals were having a conversation centered around how “since everyone’s understanding has evolved on certain issues” then if there is a God then that must be accepted as the current standard that is used to judge by because God could not just condemn practically the entire population. That it would not be fair to judge people based on a different standard that what the contemporary community had accepted as “what is right.”

    I sat there wondering to my self if anyone involved in the conversation had ever heard of Sodom and Gomorrah

  8. @Brass G and JDHasty … When I think that Our Lord got so fed up with the sinful actions of those in Sodom and Gomorrah that he then decided to come and see for himself, patiently waited out Abraham and his begging for Mercy … then justly destroyed them … How Much worse could it have been? When does it happen again? It would sure help straighten some folks out.

  9. NOTE WELL: as soon as the unspeakable is openly brought up in public discussion, people begin to be inured to it. It is one reason why leftists bring up every kind of disgusting topic.

    They are trying to condition us to accept the unacceptable. Hold the line.

  10. That is disgustingly horrid !!! A pure satanic filthy demonstration of evil !
    It sickens me that anyone can view it as ok, & normal for someone to perform like that !


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