Twelve National Guardsmen Removed From D.C. Deployment For Being Possible Security Risk

Washington Examiner

A dozen Army National Guard members tasked with keeping President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration safe and secure have reportedly been removed from their posts after they were found to have ties to fringe, right-wing militia groups.

The Associated Presswhich broke the news on Tuesday, stressed that investigators did not find any plot against Biden. The report also did not specify to which groups the two are believed to be linked.

“Due to operational security, we do not discuss the process nor the outcome of the vetting process for military members supporting the inauguration,” the Secret Service said. The Secret Service, which is the lead agency in charge of the inauguration’s security, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Washington Examiner. More

43 Comments on Twelve National Guardsmen Removed From D.C. Deployment For Being Possible Security Risk

  1. If you want to make a Gestapo, you have to start somewhere. Those 12 are most likely going to be ostracized in other ways as well, their careers are over.

  2. But those same SOB’s behind this stupid think will gladly send them off in a minutes notice for their little proxy wars no questions asked.

  3. They ARE gonna assassinate him….They simply can’t allow him to speak much anymore and they need a martyr….Hell, he’s half dead already….

  4. It’s a threat to the rest of the military that Joe & the Ho will not tolerate thought outside of what is approved by the ne Dear Leaders.

  5. That equates to .00048

    12 out of 25,000.


    I’d say that just about beats that Whuflu kill rate…in CHILDREN.

    Lee Marvin is rolling around in his grave right now.


    Anyone else into numbers here and OPTICS?

  6. I just heard Kalamalamadingdong speaking on the CBC. Her voice is actually more irritating to me than Hillary. WOW, who would have thought?

  7. …let me guess, their names are Matthew, Andrew, John, Peter, Bartholomew, James, Phillip, Thomas, Simon, Andrew, Jude, and Judas?

    …nah, they’re gonna take out THOSE guys and their Boss REAL soon.

    …except for Judas, seeing as how he ALREADY works overtime for the Democrats and always HAS…

  8. So much for freedom of association.

    Are the Guardsman’s bolts welded shut like they do in other Communists countries when they have their military parades and installations of the dictators?

  9. I remind myself that China’s attack on the United States has just begun. I don’t know about you’all, but I’m expecting a lot more…


  10. So the purge of the military begins. Obama getting rid of brass he did not like is one thing. Going after grunts is something else.

  11. If you know of anyone drummed out because of their conservative beliefs, recruit them: The Trump 75,000,000 of us contains a lot of soldiers, but you can never have too many.

  12. No Due Process.
    No 4th Amendment Freedom of Association.
    Just accusations without proof or having done anything wrong.
    Lives ruined for…..nothing.

  13. Maybe Corn Pop (or whatever the hell his name was) will show up and kick his ass. I wonder if one of the military guys was Capitan Crunch?

  14. So what do you call it when an administration puts only politically pure soldiers around him in his own country. In Germany they called them SS and Gestapo. In Iraq Saddam Hussein called it his Republican Guard. It only happens in dictatorships.

  15. Have been wondering, who ordered the troops up?
    Have not seen who authorized this.
    Biden could not have ordered this before…gulp…inauguration.


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