What did I do?

I said Alec Baldwin was responsible for killing the woman.

When people disagreed, because he was “handed a gun he was told was safe”, I asked them if they would point a gun at their child’s chest and pull the trigger if a crew member told them the gun was okay.


I was banned for 12 hours.

I think maybe I provided the prosecution’s case and Twitter did not like that.


  1. You make a good point. What the Hell was he doing pointing that gun at someone other than the target in the script?

  2. I got a 12 hour suspension for saying that the left’s ‘leaders’ should be tarred and feathered. Ooooooooo, I’m so dangerous!

    Common sense on Twitter is not allowed.

  3. Baldwin is guilty. He pulled the trigger. If some one hands you a gun it’s your responsibility of determining it’s condition. If ANY reader here pulled that trigger we’d be going to jail.
    To quote Dave Chappelle, I don’t use Twitter, It’s not a real place.

  4. If he has even half a heart, he’ll carry the weight of taking an innocent life for the sake of a movie. He deserves that. If he knew anything about guns, it would have been second nature to check a gun given to him. No, he just blathers about gun control instead. His ignorance is only equalled by his arrogance.

  5. Only 12 hours?

    Leftists would have you shot.

    And we would shoot the Leftists – hopefully before they shoot you! 🙂

  6. @ChickenCheeks OCTOBER 23, 2021 AT 4:40 PM
    “You make a good point. What the Hell was he doing pointing that gun at someone other than the target in the script?”

    According to the movie industry protocol, you don’t even point it at the target, but off to the side, because the camera can’t detect the offset.

  7. Well, he DID kill her. Intent is something else (right, Hillary?) but he did kill her.

    Anyway, he’s supposed to aim into a dead area about a 12 inches away from the intended person’s shoulder. Not ON the person’s shoulder.


    It’s cute how Hollytards have CGI but never use it to make pew pew noises and smoke come out of a plastic gun instead of using a real one.
    What’s up with that?
    Can’t find any Koreans?

  8. I saw something yesterday (but can’t find the link) that Baldwin made a comment about shooting Hutchins before pulling the trigger. I am confident that he fully believed the gun to be empty or filled with blanks that wouldn’t injure her. However, she had walked off the set earlier in the day with other crew members, in protest of safety issues, returning later although others did not. So he may have had some animosity toward her at the time, enough to make a snide remark and pull the trigger of what he thought was an empty gun.
    And of course you never, ever, even point a gun at someone, whether you know it is empty or not, unless you have the intention of shooting him if necessary.

  9. Twitter gave you a 12 hour ban? Hell, I gave Twitter a lifetime ban – never have, never will use it.

  10. LCD

    A simple question that may shed a lot of light. Did the murder take place while filming? Both of the people shot belong behind the camera. I have no problem believing that smug prick did something really stupid.

  11. Balwin is more than Guilty of just mishandling the weapon.
    He hired staff, produced, & made decisions that a hired actor generally does not make.
    There are claims that staff specifically left filming & expressed concerns about the way the firearms were being administered to and handled just before the “Baldwin” occurred.

  12. Maybe we can create a new Urban Dictionary term for blowing away your own film staff as a “Baldwin”

  13. I think Vince Vaughn once said

    “I Don’t Twat”

    In an interview he has said that he used social media very rarely. I really would not know since I use NONE of it except for IOTW.

    Conservative by the way.

  14. A friend who has spent his career in the industry posted this:
    To my non-film industry friends, here is a rundown of the basic standard safety protocols when we film with firearms. “Prop Guns” is a bit of a misleading term.
    Prop guns are rubber or resin casts of guns. Real guns and airsoft guns are often used without incident when proper safety protocols are observed.
    For starters, live rounds don’t come anywhere near set.
    1.) Everyone is emailed our daily call sheet (roadmap for our day) which cites gunfire as an activity. A firearm safety memo is attached for every single day we work with firearms.
    2.) There’s a daily safety meeting every morning to discuss our day. Then an additional safety meeting is called prior to the scene where the armorer, stunt coordinator, props master explain the protocols we will be observing and general information about how we will handle the scene. Action that will take place, types of weapons, types of blanks (½ load, ¼ load, etc.) and recognition or reminder of persons in charge of safety and who to go to for concerns.
    3.) Firearms are always carried on the armorer’s person. Firearms are never placed unattended on a table or cart, they are carried.
    4.) During the setup and rehearsal, just their fingers or rubber replicas are used as placeholders
    5.) During the setup, riot shields or ~1” thick LEXAN is rigged in front of crew members performing during the shot which can include cam operator, dolly grip, boom operator.
    6.) Eye and hearing protection are distributed liberally to anyone and everyone who want it.
    7.) When the setup is finished, actors return to set and do a rehearsal with the rubber guns
    8.) When we are ready to film, armorer comes on set and presents the weapons for inspection. The actors, 1st assistant director, camera operators, dolly grips, boom op, and also the union shop stewards and anyone else in the room are all given an opportunity to inspect. Inspection includes checking the barrel or cylinder (viewed from the stock side) with a flashlight aimed through the business end to ensure no debris is present. Additionally, the boxes of crimped blanks are presented for approval. When everyone is satisfied. Weapons go hot
    9.) Armorers/props, Stunts, Assistant Directors, production assistants, announce “WEAPONS ARE HOT” Every non-performer leaves the area to a safe distance. **Note: “Live” is not a term we use because it means there is a bullet present, live rounds are unthinkable.
    10.) When they’re finished loading, those people then shout “FIRE IN THE HOLE” multiple times as we roll cameras.
    11.) When the take is finished, everyone stays put. Armorer takes the gun and clears it. If we’re going again, the gun is reloaded. If we’re moving on, the gun(s) is/are taken by the armorer who locks them and secures them on their person until the next setup when they’re needed.
    Rinse and repeat until we finish filming. Every job i’ve ever done in US and Canada has generally followed these principles consistently. It is tedious, and it takes a long time, but its tried and safe procedure. I’ve worked on a lot of shows and have witnessed thousands of rounds fired under the safe watch of skilled professionals.
    To be clear, I am not insinuating anything regarding “Rust” when there is still an ongoing investigation. This is written for those who have shown concern and are curious about how we manage to do dangerous things, every day, safely.’

    What happened on RUST is a tragedy and my thoughts & praiyers are with everyone involved.

  15. Brad reiterated the bottom line: The people who got shot/injured, were not in the script. Explain that fact to me.

  16. Exactly! No responsible person who knows anything about guns would take a gun handed to them
    by anyone and aim it at someone and pull the trigger!
    Only a smug fool who let’s others to do everything for them. Does he wipe his own butt?

  17. Sure sounds like ‘negligent homicide.’ Not to mention a wrongful death lawsuit.

    Is it just me, or are many people hoping they’ll never see his ugly, angry face again?

  18. More great commentary from actor John Schneider.
    ‘There is no need for bullets on the set.’ (He demonstrates how graphics can be used). If a gun was on set, the armorer would have a meeting and explain. Then he would show that the gun was empty, then he would dry-fire it. The actor, after receiving the gun, would ask the armorer if he could dry-fire it, then would do so in a safe direction – 6 times if it was a revolver.

    It took multiple safety breaches for a death to happen.

  19. Left Coast Dan — Thank you for posting that.

    From what I’ve read online (and that’s about as worthless as anything online until it comes from a law enforcement press conference), it seems Baldwin’s actions, as well as the actions of the rest of the crew on the set, were so far outside the boundaries of what Left Coast Dan posted, that there’s no wiggle room about whether or not Baldwin was reckless in his handling of the gun. I’m sure it’s buring up the cell phones in El-A and throughout the industry right now.

    The funniest thing I’ve read is the idea that POTUS Trump should play Baldwin in an SNL skit this weekend.

    I’m very sorry for the family of the camera woman.

  20. Baldwin must have been extremely close to the camera woman for the shot to pierce her body and go on to hit the guy, right?

  21. Fur, All: On your Twitter ban: Twitter is engaged in communistic oppression of our 1A free speech guarantee under the Constitution. Way outside any legal bounds on what you wrote. Find a class action group (there are undoubtedly several good ones) and get your piece of Twitter.

  22. LCD,
    Thx for the detailed explanation. To a gun trained, gun owning, gun using conservative, it makes sense. YMMV.

  23. @AA – that has always been the question. How does one shot kill/injure two people?

    I have a hard time believing that a bullet passed through the deceased victim and struck the second victim. UNLESS, Baldwin basically fired at point blank range.

  24. @AA
    From what I hear, it was a .45 Long Colt cartridge, Cowboy bullet.
    So, it could easily do that.
    Particularly if it was a FMJ(full metal jacket).

  25. So you were banned for creating an unsafe environment by commenting on what happened in an unsafe environment. I can’t get past how there would ever be a loaded gun on a movie set let alone any ammunition particularly since the 90s when they had Brandon Lee’s death.

  26. Twatter is the democrat totalitarian state speech monitor. Baldwin is a democrat; so he can literally get away with negligent homicide thanks, in part, to the motherfuckers who run Twatter.

  27. have you seen that photo of the armorer? holeeee shit. Looks like a 18 yr old tranny

    I’m leaning towards intentional shooting. Of course intended to just “scare” the strikers a bit.

    Baldwin is off his nut crazy.

  28. If the jackass had spent even half the time he badmouthed guns, learning the safety of them, he’d know it’s not the gun, it’s the person holding it that causes accidental shootings.

    WHO pulled the trigger, genius?
    WHO pointed a gun directly at someone, genius?
    Not the gun. ALEC BALDWIN.

  29. Left Coast Dan


    EXACTLY, and easily verifiable in a wheelgun!

    Cheers withe a Helles Lager this evening from the Caledon Hills Brewing Company where I go mountain biking.

  30. Mel — Thank you for posting the linked article.

    “We lost a good person who was just reaching her prime. That saddens me. Hollywood has been working with prop guns for more than a century. This is inexcusable.”

    Inexcusable. I hope Baldwin’s career is ruined over this and that he serves as a warning to others. You can only get away with being stupid for so long.

  31. Baldwin being guilty of firing a firearm is no different than a driver being guilty of a broken tail light, smoky engine or uninsured car that he is driving, regardless of who owns it.

  32. “Anyway, he’s supposed to aim into a dead area about a 12 inches away from the intended person’s shoulder. Not ON the person’s shoulder.”
    Maybe he did, and is just that bad at aiming.
    Ya know, like holding the gun sideways (hood-rat hold).

  33. Baldwin should be cooling his heels in a 6X8 holding cell right now, awaiting trial. But of course he’s going to use the “the gun didn’t know I was loaded” defense.

  34. Many of the crew were angry about how they were being treated I keep wondering if it was a setup to screw with management.

  35. Twitter is a CCP operative channel which is how they spread false info and manage control of their brain washed audience, mostly younger people. Same is seen with tiktok, owned and operated by the chicoms-ccp. While twitter isn’t owned by the chicoms they have thrown in with them for their communist intrusions into the US and paid massive coin to collaborate.

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