U.S. Marshals Raid Sheriff Joe’s Office

joe arpaio

Judge orders seizure of records, hard drives in racial-profiling case

(Reuters) – A federal judge on Friday ordered U.S. marshals to seize documents from the office of controversial Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio as part of an ongoing racial profiling case.

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow issued the order at an emergency hearing he convened after a court-appointed monitor reported that the sheriff’s office had failed to turn over information being sought in connection with the case.

In a brief order, Snow required that 1,459 identifications apparently taken from people by sheriff’s deputies during law enforcement actions and which were about to be destroyed be produced for federal marshals.


7 Comments on U.S. Marshals Raid Sheriff Joe’s Office

  1. Instead of Joe….They should be doing this with Hillary’s computers, files and assorted crap.. wtf people??

  2. Anybody who is serious about protecting America, and is caught shining a light on government corruption, is going to be a target of the corrupt 0bama administration.

    It just may take a war to fix this. Or a Ted Cruz (if we make it to the elections and our votes actually get counted).

  3. I suppose they want to get at the server before Joe can begin deleting his “personal” emails….

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