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United States Declines Most In World Press Freedom Index

The AP declares it the “greatest deterioration” of press freedom by any nation in the recently released “World Press Freedom Index.” Reporters San Frontieres (RSF or Reporters Without Borders) bases the three nation drop to 48th place primarily on the president’s spirited self defense against an obviously bias and increasingly frantic main stream media. RSF even blames violence and death threats against members of the media to “the Trump effect.” More

The organization failed to mention of the increasingly stifling environment on social media for those who violate the standards of the blatantly progressive tech giants’ “platforms.” More

12 Comments on United States Declines Most In World Press Freedom Index

  1. Of course it’s Fascist Trump’s fault, and not the fault of Barack Doucheolini, who actually threatened, spied on, harassed, shunned and jailed reporters. Eff your “sans frontiers” puffery, you torpid paraphrasers of press releases.

  2. Having read the AP recently, I support a red flag rule where citizens can alert authorities for wildly irresponsible and inaccurate reporting.

    So their pens, laptops and iPhones can be seized during a daring, no knock predawn raid.

  3. Hold on just a minute! AP may be on to something. After all, how free is our press, when they can’t mention the ethnicity, race or religion of criminals or even show their photo (unless they are white, christian, and/or heterosexual? Journalists are not free when they are shackled by their left-wing ideology.

  4. Right results, wrong reasons. The true reason: Progressive domination of the media that pushes progressive dogma and stifles, censors and outright bans conservative thought.

    Dumbass AP, faked news about Trump exposing the fake news.


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