“up to his scuppers with these clowns” – IOTW Report

“up to his scuppers with these clowns”

Attorney and Hannity Show regular, Joe DiGenova, is predicting that both Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein will soon be spending more time with their families. DiGenova was particularly incensed following the New York Time’s story revealing the FBI operation to spy on the Trump campaign months ahead of the election. DiGenonva suggested that if these two want to keep their jobs at the DOJ then the Attorney General needs to act quickly.

“Now if Jeff Sessions is a good little boy and knows his job, what he does this afternoon is he grabs little Rod Rosenstein — Frankenstein’s monster — by the scruff of the neck, and he says, ‘look you S.O.B., you get a frickin’ grand jury right now and get a subpoena to everybody at the senior levels of the FBI and former senior FBI officials, put them in the grand jury and you ask them, who talked to the New York Times?'” he advised. “That’s what you do if you’re a real cop — and I don’t think Sessions is,” he added.  More

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  1. If I were to take a wild guess, I wager the deep state spies on a lot of people in power, and Sessions has some serious skeletons he doesn’t want out. The biggest problem the deep state has with Trump is that they’ve got nothing on him serious enough for the public to give a damn about, given what they know Hillary got away with.

  2. Smarter guys than I have wondered WTF is with Sessions. How does he last so long without looking like nothing is happening? Hey Jeffy, anybody home? Q says a lot of stuff, one thing that is consistant is “trust Sessions”. How long do we wait? Myself, he has to the end of May, and if he doesn’t have a pulse by then I’d send him to spend more time with his family.

  3. joe6pak

    I’ll hold of judgment of Sessions until the IG report comes out. I’m really hoping him and Trump are playing good cop bad cop.

  4. I think they should pull a Cohen on the NYT – get a warrant, go in and take EVERYTHING – and say that someone “independent” will sift through it all and determine what is relevant to the leak and what is not

  5. maybe they do have something on him. On all republicans. Pedophilia runs deep. just sayin

  6. I’m waiting for the IG report and Huber’s GJ.

    These people have gone too far. They can’t hide it, and their crimes are being, or have been investigated, and I expect indictments.

    I trust Sessions. In a perfect world this would be how it should be with the DOJ not commenting on investigations.

    Eight years of Obama really lowered the bar. Now they all go down.

  7. You’re gonna be waiting a long time. This is going nowhere fast and Sessions and company are all looking like Andy of Mayberry and Barney Fife.

  8. It comes down to two things,1: either Sessions has been corrupted and or compromised or unfathomably dense or 2: This has been a clever charade played by Trump and Sessions to patiently wait while the traitors keep making moves to cover their tracks and making fatal mistakes in doing so that will ensure they are trapped.

    I can’t figure out which it is but by the end of May we should have our answer. Either way I fully expect to be disappointed with the final outcome. There’s what should happen and what likely will happen.


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