Update: Attorney Alan Dershowitz Denies Being ‘Member’ of Trump Impeachment Team – Clarifies His Role Presenting Arguments


Dan Abrams: How did you find out that you were going to be a, a member of the Trump team?

Alan Dershowitz: I think it overstates at the, say I’m a member of the Trump team. Um, I was asked to present the constitutional argument that I would have presented had Hillary Clinton men elected and had she been impeached. I have been a critic of the overuse of impeachment, uh, for many, many years. I’ve written about it. I was of course, very critical of the impeachment of bill Clinton. And I was asked to present my constitutional argument, um, against impeachment. Uh, I will be there for, you know, one hour basically presenting my argument, but I’m not a full-fledged member of the defense team.


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  1. Replace him! For him to compare his role in the Trump impeachment to being equal to what he would have done if hillary had been elected and then impeached is an outrage! Get out of here you sick old man.

  2. …toadjer before, he’s turning yellow. Probably someone showed him his suicide note.

    …The Left is FAR nastier about apostasy than even their Muslim pets are, ask Trotsky how that works…

  3. Who needs you anyway! Besides aren’t you a little busy with teenage girls to devote time to the White House?

  4. He always “talked the talk”… from his chair.
    I didn’t read the Gateway P link. I can’t stand
    its capricious and arbitrary censorship of comments.

  5. John
    JANUARY 17, 2020 AT 6:29 PM
    “I didn’t read the Gateway P link. I can’t stand
    its capricious and arbitrary censorship of comments.”

    …I know, right?

    …the “Nightshade” part of my handle is a commemoration of my frequent bannings from that site. After the first one, which he never told me why, I changed it to “Ghost” as in a ghost of my former handle. I kept getting banned, never for any given reason, so I kept in that vein through several mail accounts and IPs (he IP banned me a few times too, but that doesn’t work with me either, as I can come from a lot of IPs), so I was Phantom and Spectre and Haunt and so in, and I was at “Nightshade” when I came here.

    …the “Super” part is a totally different story for another time…

    …Fur and Company know I’m for real here, because I’ve done business for Fur’s great paintings and had reason to PM the lovely Claudia, so THEY know who I REALLY am, but GP never did.

    ..I may or may not still be there just to be curmudgeonly, you never know, but not with my genuine persona, email, or IP if so. For a conservative, the guy is pretty facist.

    …shame, too, because he has interesting threads many times, and I did spend many years there, and I think I saw our srdem65 there a lot, too, so he had other good folks to interact with. Oh, well, plenty of fish in the sea, and if HE doesn’t want ME to help provide his content, it’s his loss, not mine…

  6. I understand what he is saying. He is speaking as an expert witness on the subject of impeachment and why and how it should be used. Just because he is speaking on the subject does not mean he likes or does not like President Trump. He is speaking as a disinterested party.

  7. John and Supernightshade, GP used to be my first go-to site in the 2000s. Over the last several years, I have stopped going there unless someone links to there from here. Even then, I will have to really want to read the story.

    Got really tired of “BOOM” for every headline.

    And SNS, 10,000 thumb ups for you! Yes, you are real and I still have you and your wife and family on my daily prayer list❣

  8. Thank you, @Claudia, and I keep you in my prayers as well.

    …and that’s one thing I REALLY like about THIS site. We CAN pray for each other, quote the Bible, discuss the things of God, and praise His holy name, even though this is NOT a Bible site, without mods shutting it down or wielding a ban hammer. Indeed, sometimes threads FOR prayers are posted.

    And I think God blesses this site because of it.

    So again, thanks to Claudia, BFH, MJA, Dr. Tar, Illustr8tor, Irony Curtain, Mr. Pinko, Hippie Critic, Menderman, Cardigan, (I think) Groucho Marxist, and all the past and present iOTW crew who welcome the Lord into their midst on a daily basis. It really DOES set them apart…

    “9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;

    10 Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy.”
    1 Peter 2:9-10

    …peculiar people indeed, in the BEST possible way.

    God Bless,


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