US & Eh?! Show TONIGHT (10-29-20) at 8pm EST – IOTW Report

US & Eh?! Show TONIGHT (10-29-20) at 8pm EST

Here’s the link!

Call in to speak with Mike: (323) 870-3371

Home stretch!!!


  • Trump 2020 MAGA
  • Amy Coney Barrett gets confirmed
  • Last Presidential Debate was a complete success for President Trump
  • The tale of 2 Campaigns, 2 Ideologies and 2 Worldviews
  • Bias in Mainstream Media and Social Media
  • The radical left and their plan to destroy America and the World as we know it

Keep fighting!!! Vote in person as much as possible! We’re almost there!!!

4 Comments on US & Eh?! Show TONIGHT (10-29-20) at 8pm EST

  1. Instead of calling in, I’ll email you two a bunch of my dick pics I snapped while I was in China. And you can count how many M & M’s I can stack on my tallywacker!

  2. You’re going to need more time to cover all of Hunter’s laptop topics!

  3. My favorite Canadian anti-socialist is Mike!
    Hey Mike! Just making be into US! You know you want to live and vote here! We NEED immigration like your family! 👍❤️😆


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