US won’t prosecute hostages’ families who pay ransom

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration will make clear that families of Americans held by terror groups will not be prosecuted if they pay ransoms, part of a broad review of U.S. hostage policy that will be released Wednesday.

President Barack Obama ordered the review after the deaths of Americans held hostage by Islamic State militants. The families of some of those killed complained about their dealings with the Obama administration, saying they were threatened with criminal prosecution if they pursued paying ransom in exchange for their loved ones’ release.

Two people familiar with the review said there will be no formal change to the law, which explicitly bars providing money to terror organizations. However, the administration will make clear that the Justice Department has never prosecuted anyone for paying ransom and that that will continue to be the case. more

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    Izzat pithy enough for ya?

  2. PHUCK OBAMA! 😡 What we need is a Confederatd Flag flying in front of every home right below the U.S. Flag. We need to start the REVOLT. The Dixie Flag is a good start.

  3. Please don’t politely beat around the bush or try to spare anyone’s feelings here – tell us how you REALLY feel…

    ; D

  4. How much kickback will he receive for every hostage payment. Ten percent, twenty? More? It’s a win for him and a win for them.

    Glad I’m not into foreign travel. I’d not only stay out of mid-eastern countries, I’d stay out of Italy, Spain, the U.K., etc. The only place I’d feel safe is in Bibi’s Israel – even while rockets are being lobbed at my location.

  5. Funny…I feel like I’m being held ransom in this country by a black man hell bent on my destruction. But there’s no ransom that will free me from the twisted reality that this country uses to keep the white man down.

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