USC student government to consider racial quotas

Yeah, you read that subject line correctly.
The student government at Southern Cal, which is a private school, is going to consider a resolution that would call on the university to increase hiring and enrollment of “underrepresented populations” such that they “reflect national demographics” by 2025. Additionally, the resolution would ask the school tocreate a $100 million fund for “scholarships, fellowships, programming, and mentorships for both graduate and undergraduate students as well as tenured faculty positions from underrepresented backgrounds by 2025.”

Yeah, I know.

You can find the story here: Enjoy!
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  1. I live in a rural area where we have wells for water. I’m very happy with my water but the powers to be decided we need their water and have to pay a tax increase for it no matter what. An increase btw that we had to pay for a year before any bidding wad even sent out.

    Yesterday in the mail I got a form for a permit, $75 to have them say it’s ok for you, at your expense, to dig a hole to,your house and pay for the line from the curb to,the house. Then adding insult to injury was a back page asking for race, ethnicity, gender. It said federally required to insure no discrimination. Wth? It also said we can’t force you to answer but we’ll answer for you based on name or appearance. I didn’t answer, do it for me.

    The first question my choices were number one, Hispanic, number two, not Hispanic or Latino. Where is USA?

  2. If I were a litigant in my court my ethnicity would be described as “non-Hispanic.”

    Very negative, being described in terms of what I am not.

  3. I always enter ‘human’ as an answer when asked about race.
    As a contractor here in the SF bay area I used to work for UC Berkeley, and the Port Authority.
    After doing this for years, back in the early 80’s I got sent a form asking my race. At the time I said ‘Native American’ as I was born here. They replied that I had to prove it, and that being born here didn’t count. I changed to ‘human’.
    I got into very interesting conversations with both groups bout this.
    They both wanted me to declare a race. I asked how much black, or Asian, or any other blood determined ones race? One drop? (that did not go down well)
    If one drop, I was every race on earth. Otherwise, exactly what ratios determined ones race?
    Both declared me Caucasian, and as such subject to set asides and a 15% bid penalty. As my profit margin was no where near 15% I could no longer bid on their work.
    I am not complaining. Getting pushed out of working for the government ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me.

  4. Reason #128 why today’s universities are becoming progressive indoctrination centers with zero educational content.

    It is sad how far progressives have fallen from Martin Luther King’s “Not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” standard. But I guess when your character has no content, all you are left with is the color of your skin and your victim card.

  5. Have they thought through how this will affect their football and basketball teams. Not to mention the chess team.

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