Vax is Gateway to Freedom in France!! But You Still Have To Stay Home

Oui Oui.

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  1. The World Forum globalist nuts have to be making bets to see how far they can push everyone and each bet is probably $1 like in Trading Places. Ruining our lives is just an afternoon of entertainment.

  2. @Anon: “Ruining our lives is just an afternoon of entertainment.”

    Makes me feel like I’m in the lion’s den, and I’m frantically looking for a way of escape. I’m in the ring for entertainment by the elites sipping on wine. That’s how I feel about the swimmers (underground term for vaxxers). I can’t be shamed by them, so off to the lions game I go.

  3. Meanwhile, the UNiParty is working overtime to fundamentally transform American Citizens into Global Subjects.

  4. who would have ever thought the ‘curve’ was this big?
    turns out the curve was a circle
    and then it turns out that circle is a noose

    like him/it or not, Alex Jones predicted this in 1997

  5. Keep in mind that these are the same people who beheaded a king only to crown an emperor instead. Of course whatever they were going to propose would be bat-shit crazy…

  6. Imagine all the open border countries have an increase of diseases and viral infections. Who would have seen this coming?
    Not the one world government types or was it all part of the plan to reduce earth’s populations? Every step of this pandemic from the labs, to the shutdowns and experimental drugs has the stench of EVIL.

  7. There is ONLY ONE gateway and it’s Narrow.

    Vax is Gateway to Freedom, Laughable and Disgusting !!!!

  8. “You don’t get a round mouth by eating a square meal.”
    And the Frogs certainly have round mouths.
    But the Frogs can be very nasty when pushed too hard.
    Anyone remember 1789? Well, of course not – except for Helen Thomas, Nancy Pelosi, and Brian Williams. But we’ve read about it, for sure.
    Maricon may awaken the demon in the Frogs – much to his chagrin.
    We can only hope.

    izlamo delenda est …


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