VENICE, ITALY: Trio of Muslims from Kosovo arrested over jihad plot to bomb famous Rialto Bridge

PamelaGeller: As I have said for years, Bill Clinton backed the wrong side in the Balkans. The attacks against me for standing with the Serbs were merciless. For years, I warned that we were paving the way for an Islamic state in the heart of Europe, and now they have it.

The American people deserve an explanation as to why we chose to aid the Islamic jihad in Kosovo. Instead, they are fed more lies, more taqiyya, in the efforts of dhimmi Western leaders to declare Kosovo an independent state, an Islamic state in the heart of Europe.

And the millions of Muslim migrants in the current hijrah will just increase their army.  MORE

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  1. Face it: This is a crusade. The enemy is amongst us and we let them in. They want to destroy everything contrary to their narrow belief that they are the chosen ones.

  2. How much damage are the gutless liberal Italians going to put up with before they expel every damned one of those worthless savages? Round em all up and march them as far south as they can go. Tell the worthless pieces of human garbage to sink or swim.

  3. I recall Radovan Karadžić was involved in the Serbian bloodshed back in the 90’s. He was depicted as an evil monster, but now I suspect he was just trying to keep Serbia free from the moslem horde.

  4. I spent a lot of time in Italy in my younger days. I hove a photo of me beautiful wife on the Rialto bridge. I hope the Italians drive these rotten bastards into the sea.
    Ditto Judgeroy.

  5. Mja Visit Lake Garda (Lago De Garda) in Italy. From what I hear it is still safe. Monaco in France. Those Mussies ain’t getting near Monaco. Kate Kearney’s cottage, The Ring of Kerry in Ireland, beautiful, if it ain’t raining cats and dogs. If that don’t suit you, try The Bronx. Hee, hee. BFH will give you a guided tour.

  6. Jethro. I agree, but mostly during the summer months it’s beautiful, except for the fucking pigeons. They shit all over the
    place. I never “outdoor” dined there.

  7. can’t wait ’till we go ‘eye for an eye’ on these troglodytes & start blowing up shit in Mecca & Jerusalem

  8. @Moe
    My great grandparents were from Lake Garda. My great grandpa was from Malcesine. He would sail his boat across the lake to court my great grandma in Pieve. This was around 1890.

  9. Oh lawd! I don’t “outdoor dine” anywhere because of bugs and birds. lol. I remember being tortured as a child on farms and outdoor cafes in Greece. lol.

  10. Jethro. Great story. My bride and I honeymooned at Lake Garda. We stayed at “Albergo Casa Mia.” Beautiful place. I think it’s still there. That was back in 1964/

  11. I was there in August 2012 and had great weather also. My inlaws went a month later and had to skip Venice due to flooding.

  12. I’ve not been there since ’86. So I’ll keep
    my fond memories of Rome, LaSpezia, Florence, and
    I can’t imagine what the invaders are doing to
    the place now.

  13. Helo – The leaders of the current Arab Decade have said themselves that this is all a continuation of the Crusades.
    Slobodan Milosevic was kicking people out of the country because they were illegal immigrants from Albania (remember the term “ethnic Albanians”?). They had stolen and forged documents and so while they were being escorted out of the country their fake documents were being legally confiscated.
    The liberals spun this to be the “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” stories to justify bombing a sovereign country properly defending itself.
    Bill Clintons’ intelligence agencies caused a Chinese Embassy to be blown up, a bridge with civilians, a hospital, and countless other war atrocities and crimes, but liberals justified it all as outdated and old maps.
    Mass graves were found in the hills, these were “freedom fighters” to liberals, otherwise in a sane world known as invaders who had stolen guns and ammo to wage a militant takeover of a country they had no right to be in. They had fled Albania when the communists had taken over there and outlawed all religions, people were even swimming the Adriatic Sea to escape. Remember the terrorists in Greece during the 2004 Olympics? Ethnic Albanians that had fled to Greece instead of Serbia.
    After we obliterated a Christian nation in favor of the muslims, they began moving in to any house that had not been owned by a muslim. And then of course were given UN protection and assistance.

    Anyway, just a small recap of Clintons’ War.

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