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Vermont Republican Caught on Camera Dumping Water in Democrat’s Bag

USA Today

A Republican legislator issued an apology to her Democratic colleague in front of the Vermont House of Representatives after a hidden camera caught her pouring glasses of water into his bag on several occasions over five months.

Rep. Mary Ann Morrissey, who has served Bennington, Vermont since 1997, directed her apology to Rep. Jim Carroll, who also represents Bennington, during a recorded House veto session on Monday. More

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  1. Good for her. Forty years ago my sister was waiting tables at an outfit called Loves in Lakewood WA. One of the other gals working in the bar at the time came out front where I was sitting with friends and told me that this woman was harassing my sister. I went through the kitchen and observed for myself. I told the waitress to bring me a big foo foo drink, that I walked past and stuck upside down in the woman’s purse.

  2. We were always horseplaying where I worked. We’d fill a guy’s hardhat with water when he went home for the day and put it in the freezer so when he got back to work it would be a solid block of ice. Sometimes, we’d simply pour a little water in his hardhat when he wasn’t looking so when he picked it up and put it on, he’d get a soaking. In the summer, we’d sometimes blast a guy with a 200 PSI fire monitor when he’d come around the corner. Good times!

  3. Spotting blue was a big one where I worked. There were telephones for management to communicate with each other in various locations. They were in a short booth hung on a column that provided some isolation from the noise. They’d put spotting blue on the earpiece of the phone and call that phone from a different one.

    The boss would have spotting blue on his ear but didn’t know it. He’d absent mindedly touch his ear, then his face, lots of places until he noticed that he had spotting blue on his hands.

  4. I was an apprentice working in what we called the layout department as part of my training. We had long tables to lay blueprints out on. We had a supervisor in our group that they referred to as “The Senator” because he frequently was holding a filibuster. He was a good guy though.

    A big part of the job in that department where I was getting training was laying out castings for machining. We would paint the areas with white latex paint, and then scribe lines on the castings and make notations that the machine hands would need. This was when CNC was so much in its infancy that few even knew that it existed.

    Anyway, the Senator is leading a filibuster out in the main aisle and the journeyman I’m working with tells me to crawl under the print table and paint a white rectangle on the heel of one of the Senators shoes. I did it. He then sent me back to do the other heel. Once that paint had dried, he had me crawl under with a black marker and put a circle in the white rectangles.

    Once that dried, I went under and put a red paint dot in the center of the black circle. The Senator could talk for a very, very long time. The rest of the working day anyone walking behind him got to see the new adornments on his shoes and when he got home he got to admire our efforts.

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