Vernon Jones Calls For Investigation Into Mob That Harassed Him, Others Outside White House

DailyWire: Pro-Trump Democratic Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones called on federal investigators Friday to look into the origin of the mobs that harassed him and other attendees of the Republican National Convention.

“Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the entire DNC and Congress and all the state heads and chairs of Democratic parties, they need to come out and denounce this hatred, this vitriol, condemn Black Lives Matter and then Antifa,” Jones told Fox News.

“Congress should hold hearings […] and hear testimonies from those of us who are being attacked. It should also do a thorough investigation to see who’s funding … these professional domestic terrorists, and they should be held accountable,” he added.

Jones was among the several lawmakers and others who were accosted by protesters Thursday as they left the South Lawn of the White House on the final night of the Republican National Convention. more here

5 Comments on Vernon Jones Calls For Investigation Into Mob That Harassed Him, Others Outside White House

  1. He demands an investigation? Fat chance. The Dems are digging this and the republicans are scared of their shadow.
    Its obvious we’re living in a topsy turvy world, but will no one from either side mention the fact that Congress, for the last 4 years has morphed into the judicial branch and DOJ essentially ceded this power?

    I see plenty of lawlessness. Who’s making laws?

  2. We’re at a point where failing to denounce and condemn violence by political “demonstrators” is the same as supporting them and being a part of them. You’re on one side by choice or the other one by default.

    Notice how the Leftist leadership, particularly the elected ones, try to shift the blame to Trump while actively giving support to the violent movements by refusing to call them out and condemn their actions. You will see this blaming of Trump for the Leftist caused problems become a major theme of the Democrat campaigns tied closely to (unsupportable) claims of racism and racist inspired violence/

    This is turning out to be the most interesting election season I remember, and not one which I see as having a good outcome no matter who the winners and losers are.

  3. I know this, George Soros is feet up and following all of this while enjoying a large bowl of popcorn.


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