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Viewer Discretion is Advised

I watched part of the Celine Dion documentary, and I couldn’t get through it. I didn’t even get to the part below.

For people wondering what she is going through, here’s a bit of it–

I was never a fan of Celine Dion until I saw this —>

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  1. I have seen claims that this problem began 13 years ago, but yet ONLY diagnosed in 2022. Coincidentally ALSO a listed side-effect of the genocidal mRNA jab. I’m thinking that 13 years ago is a complete and total lie.

  2. Seizure management is loads of fun, all right. She appears aware the whole time, which is worse. Mostly airway management and preventing injuries from spasmonic movement, and watch for her to crash. Other considerations if pregnancy suspected, but shes probably a bit past that. Not sure what they blew up her nose, and that BP was pretty wonky. Shed probably feel like shed been 10 rounds in a prizefight afterwards too, what with the rigid muscle activity.

    You do have to wonder about the Jab.

    Here, enjoy a South Park version singing “O Canada”.

  3. Wild Bill
    MONDAY, 8 JULY 2024, 23:03 AT 11:03 PM
    “That was rough to watch.”

    You should see the ones with posturing, or snapping repetitive movements, or teeth grinding.

    And the assortment of noises you sometimes get.

    And vomiting makes everything more exciting.

  4. My husband had two seizures about 10 months ago. Never had any before, no clot shots, healthy man otherwise. I thought he was having a stroke and called 911. It was really unsettling. He didn’t remember a thing about it, thank goodness. It was a very strange episode.

    At the hospital, they did every test possible and narrowed down the possible cause. He was not happy about being in the hospital and made me swear not to call 911 again. 🙄

  5. I had never heard of this disease before a couple of years ago. Stiff-person syndrome. Is it a new disease? I read a lot but I never read of such a thing before 2022 or so.

    The poor lady is suffering.

  6. A horrible thing to deal with.
    God bless her and give her the strength to deal with that.
    Yes, I know she had her mistakes, said few things that I may have disagreed with them, but I will never gloat on someone’s misfortune and taunt them for being sick.
    I wish her speedy recovery.
    May the grace of our Lord be with her.
    In Jesus holy name.

  7. Before anyone really knew who she was, she did a portion on the “Voices That Care” song and video in support of the troops deployed to Desert Storm. For that I will be ever grateful.

  8. Another thing to realize about seizure patients is that some uninate and defecate while seizing, and despite this being no fault of their own they are mortified when they become aware of this, especially if theres lots of people around. Some will continue to feign unconciousness or even worse problems like heart attacks out of needless embarassment.

    Here’s a secret about managing this aspect of a seizure patient. I have many times used the cliched trope “BACK OFF, GIVE THEM SOME AIR” not because this made any actual respiratory difference, but because a) you do NOT restrain someone seizing as they cant control their muscle movements and you may well hurt them if YOU try to, you just create a protected space and monitor their airway; b) this MAY be an issue and the patient doesnt need to see a bunch of people with wrinkled noses when they come around; c) mostly they are not helping and are often just in the way; d) you dont know when you walk up what the deal is, there may be physical or psychological trauma involved and one of the “looky lous” may well have CAUSED it; e) Ive got lots of bags and a cot to manage and dont need them around bitching about me running over their toes; and, more modernly, f) NOTHING ABOUT THIS PERSON’S MEDICAL PROBLEMS IS ANY OF YOUTUBE OR WORLDSTAR OR TWITTER’S BUSINESS, SO F OFF WITH YOUR PHONE THEY DONT WANT THEIR SPASMS GOING VIRAL.

    …seizures are not fun, and are also quite scary for the first time sufferer who has no idea what happened to them, and often the hospital cant help except deal with secondary injuries, althogh they can check for brain bleeds and possble pre-or post- seizure head injuries, but mostly youll get a referral to your doctor during normal business hours. Theres a bunch of things that CAN cause seizures from heredity to epilepsy to medication to environment or pyschological or physical trauma, so an ER is probably not going to help thread that needle very much, especially if the patient is a frequent flyer. You probably SHOULD consider making the trip anyway, however, as it COULD have a dangerous source and you COULD have injured yourself in a way your generalized post-seizure pain and adreniline is masking, but may become apparent later. If vomiting in any quantity is involved you also have to consider the possibilty of aspiration, as vomit WILL cause lung damage like abcesses and REALLY wicked infections, but everyone can make their own choice.

    People who have had seizures before and often report that they come to know precursors, such as visual “auras”, auditory hallucinations, smells, etc., and know to lay down in the company of a friend wherever this comes on them, and some report that pets behavoir seems to indicate that their pet is somehow aware when their human is about to have a seizure and get warned that way, but theres really not much you can do to stave a seizure off even WITH warning. There are some anti-seizure medicines but Ive only seen them used in an emergency medical/ER setting in the presence of severe brain damage, so I cant really tell you how or if they work in less dire or everyday settings.

    But whatever the cause and whatever her other failings, good on her that she’s willing to share this less visually flattering aspect of her personal problems with a broad audience. This may give a sufferer hope or at least something to commisserate with, let them know theyre not alone.

    And maybe destigmatize it too.

    Not everything should have its social stigma removed, but this should. By and large its not anyone’s “fault” (although drug abuse can be at issue), and its nothing to laugh at or be embarrassed about at all, no more than a heart attack or cancer is, and people should sympathize or help instead of mock.

  9. I feel sorry for anyone who has to go thru something like that! I’m sure it is traumatizing and wish her the best.
    Having said that, I’m not sure I understand why they would make a video of it and put it out there for everyone to see.

  10. Makes me feel sort of bad for all the times I tuned out “My Heart Will On.”

    I couldn’t watch the seizure video, just the look on her face at the start was enough.


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