It’s 1940 and Trump is Literally Hitler… – IOTW Report

It’s 1940 and Trump is Literally Hitler…

… meanwhile, this ugly **** most likely hates Israel and supports Hamas. So who is “literally Hitler?”

Israel was created BECAUSE OF HITLER!

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  1. So typical of the leftists. Always trying to get the black men to do their dirty work, like this bitch trying to get the black guy to “blow up” Trump.

  2. the ignorance amazes me. how can a modern country with lightning fast information available to anyone with a phone in their hand have such types of people walking, talking, getting grocery’s in the midst of us. sure, he looks young, but dam his daddy need to beat some sense into this one. maybe he is unaware a majority of the worlds population eats goat as their primary source of meat protein. those same people do not have the luxury of opening a tap in their home for drinking water. someone please teach this one civil countries produce healthy persons. we dont just blow up citizens. (unless your obama). maintain civility, maintain health.

  3. Dumb shit dames are really dumber than the dumbest ever.
    I could at least teach my dog to obey. These morons need neutered. It’s hard two believe they can reproduce

  4. This appeared a couple days ago on I.G. That butch looking bitch is suppose to be some famous movie star that I’ve never heard of on a series I’ve never heard of. So obviously she’s important. I.G didn’t agree. It got murdered. I believe it yanked the post.

  5. A friend recently posted pictures that attempted to juxtapose Trump with Hitler. Hitler was responsible for WWII. An estimated 40-50 million people died as a result. Trump didn’t get us involved in any new wars. He was in the process of engineering an honorable exit from Afghanistan. (Which Biden totally botched). When you attempt to conflate Trump with Adolf Hitler you insult the intelligence of any thinking American. You lose any credibility for debate. I get that you don’t like Trump. That’s okay. But outlandish hyperbolic irrationality is counter productive to your case.

  6. FUK DjT, suck a bag o diks bigly time mofo & full time ijit, oh come on man, he never learned book readin & writtin, tried doe at tRump University, but dooes bone spurs really hurt & he gave up to a life of crime, Ouch

  7. Ah, Anonypuss. You’ve been quiet since the debate. Not a peep out of you for almost two weeks. Whassamatta? Feeling sick in your lower intestines?

    So who’s going to be your butt buddy for the 2024 election? Senor pResident PoopyPants or some other flake they dredge out of the Dumpocrap sewer?

  8. Scott Adams posits that the left in the US and Europe is run by “bat-shit crazy” women, and that they are destroying Western civilization. Can’t disagree with him.

  9. timbuktu. i figure dress to impress. my impression is male, man. if he/she intends to deceive or confuse gender. job done. i will not entertain why. plenty of people out there who appreciate a hand up without dragging you down. mostly solitary senior women around here getting the shaft without a peep. sure most made poor financial decisions with their long gone kids who bled momma of her last dollar. most are kind souls who appreciate the help. most want to pay, i get a batch of homemade cookies out of them. the looks i get are shocking. unfortunately, we will be soon seeing the senior women who dont know how to cook. yeah, guys want good food, always.

  10. @CC

    It’s not just women. Liberal men (If they can be called that) are just as guilty of bringing America, almost, to its knees.

    The last surviving members of the WWII generation will soon be gone. They were strong men and women who survived the depression and won the war.

    We have that generation to honor for their courage. We may never have another generation like it.

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