Vile “Teacher” Goes on Rant Against “Conservative A88holes” Not Respecting Mandates and the Black National Anthem


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This is a teacher, keep that in mind…

Kane County Reporter-

Tortorello-Allaway, who lives in Lombard and has two children at Glenbard South, posted a three minute Tik-Tok rant Thursday evening, excoriating the unnamed grandmother and her extended family over not only masks but also for disrespecting the so-called “black national anthem,” with which the choir sang in an ode to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“To close the show, our wonderful choir director has all the choir members come back on stage so they can sing “Lift every voice” and he announces that its the “Black National Anthem. What do you think asshole grandma did? She was so appalled, she actually got up and walked out, while they were singing,” Tortorello-Allaway said. “You aren’t even trying to hide what a racist piece of shit you are, are you. How dare you act like this? Fuck you!”

Tortorello-Allaway said she was selling tickets at the door for the concert when she first confronted a Glenbard South alumnus “from a couple of years ago” attending with his grandparents and his mother.

“I remember him being kind of a conservative asshole back then,” she said. “Grandpa and grandma show up and they aren’t wearing masks. I deal with this all day long at school. I’ll fucking throw down. They bitch and moan about having to wear their masks and ‘we’re living in fear’ and all this crap. Whatever.”


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  1. Gopher Hyphen lol must be a real peach at home. I bet Mr. Alloway eschews blowjobs. From her. Not that she’d ever offer, of course.

  2. “Lift every voice” my ass! Grandma can recognize real racism and won’t tolerate it
    It’s the ultimate hypocritical statement of the century!
    Whites need not apply. You Will Respect My Authoritah!
    Eat It Bitch!

  3. She DOES realize she is WHITE, right?? Blacks make fun of these condescending idiots – and will knock them down and trample them without a second thought when looting.

  4. Coward. If she was really all that, she would have confronted the “grandma” and reamed her out pubicly to her face, not publicly on tik tok. LOL! Silly virtue signaler trolling for “likes” and validation.

  5. “We’re living in fear.” No you’re not. You have no idea what living in fear is. The fact of the matter is that you are pretending to live in fear because in reality you have absolutely nothing to fear.


  6. Not sure what state this is in, but it doesn’t matter; these people are everywhere. And for every on like this scrunt , there are probably 100 that don’t publicly broadcast their bullshit, but just work undercover to destroy our children.

    Illinois – bfh

  7. CRT, whites are the critical race (ask the Russians). And where is the WHITE NATIONAL ANTHEM you bunch of racists.

  8. Just checked: her twitter account “Doesn’t Exist” and her YT links are broken. Her tik tok account (mstort6) declares it never knew her! LOL! She is fearful, isn’t she?! Guess she fears the school district seeing her hatred. I’m glad there was some cost, if only the inconvenience, for stupidly minding others’ business.

  9. This recto-cranial inversion teaches French? She should try instead to learn some English words other then “fuck”.

  10. From the “black national anthem”
    Out from the gloomy past,
    Till now we stand at last
    As if that were true…

  11. Mohammed’s pink swastika – Somalia???
    Holy shit man, she’s living in Glen Ellyn, IL.
    All she has to do is walk her White ass around in South Chicago for five minutes!
    Go ahead, bitch, I double-dog dare ya!

  12. This is DuPage County and western suburbs of Chicago. The area was solidly republican not long ago. Obviously, those folks, just like me, have moved on. Illinois is just so preciously woke, now.

    Looks like there is a reason she has taught at so many schools. What a joy to be around

  13. She seems nice.

    If you have children in a public school, if you can, do whatever is necessary in your life to get them out.

  14. Another day, another vile, worthless piece of Marxist defecation who teaches self loathing and mental illness.

  15. Do not get me started on that supposed black national anthem.

    Stupid mother cluckerS!!!!

    Lift every voice” is a song written to memorialize a white man on the anniversary of his birthday after his death. How the hell can a song written about a white man be the black national anthem??? ROTFLOL Stupid mother cluckers…
    Oh and that white man…. Abraham Lincoln.

  16. If they cared over 10,000 blocks kill each other each year in democrat run cities Why don’t they start there if they matter to them? Because they’re communist Marxist on a mission to destroy America as we know it, and they’re caring is fake.

  17. Those poor abused kids that she spawned. It is always the innocent children that have to suffer at the hands of bloated commie pigs like her.

  18. How did the choir sound as they sang with their faces covered by a mas….wait…the choir didn’t have to wear a mask?

    I would have walked out, too, from the presence of people like this “teacher” who already assume I am a racist, long before any black anthem was played.

  19. Toni Toothless: known cocaine-heroin junkie who was kicked off several methadone clinics for attempted prostitution and stealing from other methadonians, child and animal abuser, underhanded white supremacist, obese unwashed slob rooting around for food like a pig in a trough, and Rachel Dolezal wanna-be. Now who could possible hate her? lol

  20. She is very articulate, A pleasant personality for young minds to be exposed to.
    Sounds like a illiterate looney toon who is convinced she knows everything and can read everyone’s thoughts.
    Just another reason to home school.

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